Character Profile – Wade

NOTE – Notes are added info for the 3rd book in the series.  In case you were worried about spoilers.

Full Name – Geoffrey Thomas Wade

Position – lead officer of Team Three

DOB – 02/26/2024

Place of Birth – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Natural parents – Lydia Jordan Halley, Thomas Rylin Wade

Siblings (both are half-sisters, shared mother) – Angel (Annie), b. 02/02/30;  Nina, b. 04/23/33.  Their father is Richard Clarke Cameron, a Vista Council member.

Professional – The youngest Commander ever appointed by Security Command in The Vista.  Joining Security in Jan., 2041, Wade quickly gained rank.  Security Command, the governing body of Vista Security, elected Wade as a member shortly after his 20th birthday.  He was awarded the status of Commander in Oct., 2044, a week after the Blackout was lifted, having lead the teams that tracked and destroyed two military helicopters searching for The Vista.  Designated sniper.

American Soldier aiming his rifle

Personal – Currently has two offspring.  Bryan Thomas Wade (b. 11/15/44  to Tina  Roberts) and Jessica Noel Wade (b. 01/11/46 to Courtney Noel).  Wade has never been married and expresses that the idea is outdated and unnecessary.  Edit, third child, Jason Noel Wade, born 03/04/48 to Courtney Noel.

Wade maintains his own home in the north sector of The Vista but spends most of his time at Station Two, downtown.  In his free time, he plays chess, swims and skis, and tinkers with his motorcycle.

During his formal schooling, up until the age of sixteen, numerous intelligence tests were given, although his IQ has never been established.  It has been considered that he possesses an eidetic memory and an IQ of an estimated 160 – 170.  (Notation – all three members of Team Three are considered to have very high IQs.  This is not common knowledge.)


Wade tends to be a perfectionist, critical and over-protective of his teams.  He is obsessive when it comes planning details of Security operations.  A natural leader, he is confident and self-assured; socially he has a handful of close friends.  He is an expert at disguising his true emotions.

One of his biggest fears is that he suffers from what they call meltdown; the long-lasting trauma of witnessing events during the war.  He wasn’t 4 yet, but he remembers things and is afraid it will cause him to make mistakes in judgment at some point.  The other thing he fears is that he could be like Rafe, a sociopath in the making.

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These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.

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