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You know what happened in The Wildblood: Trilogy One, but what are the stories you don’t know? Outliers explores parts of The Wildblood world kept hidden, the stories yet to be told.

A generation after World War 3, children of the survivors struggle to overcome the all-too-human penchant to fight with each other. The only thing more dangerous than the people you don’t know, are the people you do know.

The first book explores Capt. Shannon Allen and Capt. Damon Green’s efforts to uncover the truth about The Vista and its Altered, the genetically engineer humans, while remaining loyal to the oaths they swore to protect their home. The Vista is no longer alone, and the world is a complicated place.

This novel is a segue between The Wildblood: Trilogy One and the new stand-alone Outliers novels.

* * * * *

A continuation of the chapter from last week.  Shannon and Green have had a complicated  relationship since they met while working in Security.     While many things have changed, they are still complicated.

 * * * * *

How’d it go in there?”

Like you’d expect; I told Richard Cameron all about Wade.”

Green made a noise, disgruntled, knowing he didn’t really have the right to tell her she couldn’t.

I looked around at all the men staring at me, and Perro said ‘He’s the only one that doesn’t know’ – he was right. When did we get so afraid of our families that we had to lie about most of our lives to them?” she held his hand, relishing the human contact.

You’re not afraid of them, you’re afraid for them. Have dinner with me, and I’ll drive you out to the airport,” Green changed the subject. “Otherwise, you can hitchhike on an empty stomach and I’ll come see you at the hospital tomorrow,” he smiled at her, daring her to argue. 

Fair enough, Capt. Blackmail, buy me dinner.”

Green broke out in a real smile, “I love it when you’re reasonable.”

 * * * * *

This will be a book sometime.  I’ve heard December is a bad month to release a book, so there’s that.  I’ll let you know, when I know.  Please forgive my creative punctuation.

The Vista is 99c for the month of September, FYI!  If you don’t use Kindle, there are other retailers here.

Abandoned Farmhouse Saskatchewan Canada


09/08/19 WeWriWa


Another week, another 10 sentences.  Seems about my speed of writing lately.  Weirdly enough, there are 3 stories floating around waiting to get typed out.  Watching Carnival Row has made me want to write a story about the fae, too.  I know nothing about them, and if a real plotline starts, I’m afraid I’ll be in for weeks of research.  That’s how I roll.  (PS – my kids told me to never say that again.  It’s not cool.)

Oh, heck!  Check out the WeWriWa page (follow the graphic)!  There are always entertaining snippets to be found.  Snippet Sunday too.  Here’s the C&P blurb.  I need to write a real one, but those are just hideous to deal with.  So, this.

 * * * * *

This is a bit from a WIP Wildblood book yet to be named.  It follows after the trilogy, but is a stand alone novel.

The Gen En Shannon Allen, has sworn to protect her home.  After recent tragedies, she is more determined than ever to discover the secrets kept from her all her life.  Her kind, the genetically enhanced, the Altered, are being hunted, they have been since World War Last.  Venturing out into the post-apocalyptic world is dangerous.  Ignoring the truth about the Altered could be deadly.

Shannon is have a discussion, off the record, with her superior officers, determined not to show her human side, not to let them pull up tell-tale emotions.

* * * * *

Did you kill Vance?” Haines asked bluntly.


Did Cmdr. Wade?”

Has it occurred to you, the same group that ambushed us might have been fleeing Estes Park for a reason – Vance being that reason?” Shan put to them.

And you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?” Cameron added. He didn’t want to think Wade might have done it, but he knew it was possible.

It wouldn’t be the first time,” she said.

You’re very nonchalant about this, Capt. Allen,” Haines pointed out.

It’s actually the opposite of that, Chairman Haines. Six days ago, everything in my world stopped.”

 * * * * *

So, there it is.  Working title is Outliers: A Wildblood Novel(la?).  The stories between the other stories.  It might get another name, or a number later, I’ll worry about that when it’s time to find an editor.  At the front of the line, right now; Tau Scorpii is here, and Cascadia.  Plus, if you see someone sneaking around Pinterest looking at fae art, it’s not me!

A promo.  The Vista is on sale this month.  I may actually get to move this year, so there is no set timeline now.  This is my life.  No set schedule.  I don’t mind.


09/01/19 WeWriWa


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This is a bit from a WIP Wildblood book yet to be named.  It follows after the trilogy, but is a stand alone novel.

The Gen En Shannon Allen, has sworn to protect her home.  After recent tragedies, she is more determined than ever to discover the secrets kept from her all her life.  Her kind, the genetically enhanced, the Altered, are being hunted, they have been since World War Last.  Venturing out into the post-apocalyptic world is dangerous.  Ignoring the truth about the Altered could be deadly.

* * * * *

This week, Shan & Green are continuing their discussion.

* * * * *

I don’t think it’s a good idea, for you to go to Texas, Damon,” she finally voiced her concern about his ongoing involvement with Team Three.

Why, specifically?” He wasn’t surprised, or hurt, by the statement.

Mostly because I need eyes in The Vista, ones I can trust. I don’t know who’s going south, I have no control of it, either. I do know, not all of them are going to be the friendly sort. Oh, they may look that way on the outside, but I can see on the inside, too, or at least have a damned good idea about their intent and I need to know, if I have to retreat, I have somewhere to go.”

He didn’t answer, not right off. Then, “I’ve told you, I can’t even remember how many times, you’re always welcome in my home, in The Ranchlands. We’ve had long discussions about the seven roads, and how I got picked to take care of you, if there was ever a time when you needed it.”

   * * * * *

I’m trying to shake some words loose for Tau Scorpii as well, but I don’t know when.  It’s in the works, for certain.  I keep mentioning Cascadia and never giving you a snippet.  I’m rude.

The Wildblood: Trilogy One is out now, and just for kicks, The Vista is 99¢ for September.  You know this, follow the links or click on the pretty picture!


08/25/19 WeWriWa


Cool, there’s the link to the WeWriWa blog, check it out.  I’ve found numerous entertaining and awesome books there.

Things have been rough here, so I’m going to get right to the snippet.  I won’t lie, it’s a Wildblood spinoff.  I plan for the new books to be stand-alones.  This one is meant to be the segue between the trilogy and the new ones.  I’m still mulling over taglines, blurbs, titles, all the fun things that go with writing a book.  The main premise will be things in The Wildblood world you might not know.

It’s going to be action and adventure, set in the post-apocalyptic world I’ve created.  This one centers around Capt. Shannon Allen, at the time between the climax of Bloodlines, and when she ventures off to Texas.   Shan and Green are hiding out at his home in The Ranchlands, the Siksika Nation, while they figure out what to do, to defend themselves.  Everything has changed, everything except the loyalty among themselves, and the love of their home that has put them in the precarious position they are in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seven-year-old you outsmarted Rafe,” Green reminded her.

For a few years. It would have helped, if we’d have known the war was still going on.”

Our local version of it.”

Glancing sideways at him, Shan cracked a smile. “World War Last, Montana edition?”

I will throw you off the deck into the snow bank,” he threatened smugly.

How bad is the damage in Cody?” she went on. “Until they tell me I’m not in Command, I’m pretending I am.”

Command isn’t going to do a thing to you.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Short and sweet.  They have a lot of issues to sort out, and very little time.  In the meantime, you can catch up on the series with The Wildblood: Trilogy One.   I’m having a drawing (Random Number Generator) for a signed paperback copy of The Vista right after Labor Day (US only, sorry!!).  No purchase necessary.  Email me!

PS – Yes, Tau Scorpii is in progress.  It’s a contest, to see which one will be completed first!


WeWriWa 07/21/19


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It’s late, I must get this online.

Summary – Tau Scorpii

  When Taryn rescues another human from a marauding band of Caerule, she is reunited with clansmen from her past. It puts her at odds with their new chieftan, as well as her own partner, a powerful privateer. They discover, there are more imminent problems, ones they cannot control, and must unite to survive. Easier said than done, when each of them are strong-willed, intense, and have their own plans to set in motion.

  Sedna is home to hundreds predatory alien species. Humans are one of them. They’ve been there long enough to adapt, but not so long that all of them have forgotten, it’s not their world. The weather is changing. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This snippet is Taryn and Skye, about to have a fight.  He wants to scare her in to going home, fearing she’ll get caught in the middle of a fight she knows nothing about.  Problem is, Taryn does scare easily.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Out here, it’s different than following Asher around his Keep, watching for trouble.”

It is,” Skye agreed, not wanting to get confrontational. It was the only way to make her stay away – from Garrett, and from him. “Playing in the Keep is nothing like a real battle, with swords, and blood, and death, don’t pretend to think it is.”

Taryn blinked, surprised.

You draw pretty pictures and study books that might not mean a thing. You cross the Carule and say ‘don’t draw weapons’,” he went on, a knot in the pit of his stomach. “You don’t belong out here, looking for lost cities, or facing warriors that aren’t afraid of you because of who Asher is. Go back to Argent with the stewards, before you get hurt, or before you get someone else hurt.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m hoping to have a release date figured out soon for Tau Scorpii.

I have a stand-alone Wildblood novel happening, and the box set from the first trilogy is available now as an ebook.  Individual ones as ebook, and paperback.  Just click the pic to go to my webpage!


WeWriWa 07/07/19

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This week I’ve put The Wildblood: Trilogy One in a box set, and it’s on preorder, release date on July 10.  This snippet is an early exchange between Shannon & Hunter.  Their relationship is a pivotal point of the series, but here, they are just getting acquainted, cautiously.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Wildblood Series
A Post-Apocalyptic Action Adventure

No one remembers what started the war, the big one. Civilization stopped, and what came next was fueled by rage and fear.

Twenty years on, a tiny refuge, a place called The Vista, may be one of the last vestiges of humanity. Isolated, guarded, and hiding a dark secret, the people have survived World War Last, and they are content with that. Their children, however, are not. The search for others will send them out into a world they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally is blurred.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Capt. Allen,” Hunter greeted, having checked the roster posted in the foyer to find out where she was.

“Lt. Hunter,” she acknowledged, feet propped up on the table and leaning back in the chair.

“Are you on duty?” he wondered, taking notice she wasn’t wearing boots but she was wearing a sidearm.

“No, I’m sleeping,” Shan told him.

“You don’t look asleep.”

“I would trade three overnight shifts of watch if I could get some sleep.”

“When was the last time you slept?” he asked, turning on one of the lights and taking a seat across the table from her.

“July,” she offered, making it a jest, when, in fact, it was close to the truth.

He produced a worn deck of cards, “Want to play strip poker?”

“No, I don’t- deal.” Shan sat up to get her cards.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pre-order available at Amazon.  Everywhere else on July 10!


WeWriWa 06/30/19


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OK, I’m here.  Things are still as unsettled as before.  It’s neither good news or bad, it just is.  Two notes about that – 1.) Now I remember why I don’t eat breakfast.  It messes my system up for days.  2.)  I-25 south of Albuquerque?  You go up the hill, you go down the hill.  You go up the hill, you go down the hill.  Repeat about 90 times until you get to Las Cruces.  Also, it’s 100 degrees out.

This is a new snippet, something I’m playing with right now.  When the next (yes, next) Wildblood book comes out, I want it to be a standalone.  It will take a bit more planning on my part, but I don’t mind.

Here, Shannon is waking from a self-induced coma.  I won’t spoil the trilogy, but this book will examine relationships hinted at and skimmed over previously, personal ones and public things.  Please forgive my interesting punctuation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Being exhausted and weak, she couldn’t hold on to the memory. As it faded, she remembered the gunfire, and felt wounds; some hers, some not, some old, some fresh; it was a relief, to wake from it.

Faint light from an oil lamp illuminated part of the room and a lone figure sat waiting, immersed in the pages of an old book. “Awake now?” he inquired quietly. Damon Green, colleague, friend, and more, he was one of the few people she trusted.

Yeah, now,” Shan agreed, not recognizing the room, “What day is it?”


She considered it, knowing Saturday afternoon was the last clear memory she had, “Ranchlands?”

You don’t think I’d let them keep you in The Vista unless it was an absolute emergency, do you?” he asked, setting the book aside. The Ranchlands was his home, a centuries-old sovereign Siksika Nation, the Blackfoot nation that had existed long before, and now after, what had been the United States.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Wildblood Trilogy is complete, and you can find it by clicking on the graphic, or at other retailers by following the links on my website.