8/8/2021 WeWriWa

Check it out! Books. You know I like books. The blog has a group of authors willing to share their snippets.

So the kittens are visiting at least one of the neighbors. I hope someone catches them and takes them in. I’m really not set up for felines. They’re both big enough now to get out in that 7 acre field behind me and get food. I’m keeping an eye on them, just in case.

Writing. Interesting thing I’ve decided to do. Tau Scorpii is going great, at 70k now and I still have plenty of things for my characters to do. I don’t think they’re happy with me right now. Most of them will get over it. Okay, some of them will.

My snippet this week, however, is from Outliers: Team Two. I’m pushing some promos this week because the book up next is the next one in the series. Here’s a look at Team Two. They don’t always agree.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“What’s so earth shattering, so traumatizing, that you think it would change our entire way of life? What secrets do you think you still have?”

“I can’t say,” Shan repeated.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to change the way you see me. Either of you.”

“That can’t happen.”

“What if you’re wrong?” her voice ratched up a notch.

“Let her blow up the damned place and be done with it,” Ballentyne interrupted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(A few more if you’d like to go on!)

“Is that what you need to do?” Green asked her.

“I’m not sure. If I wasn’t being interrogated, I could go do this.”

“Great. Who do you want to watch our perimeter?” Ballentyne interrupted before their quarrel could fire back up.

“I don’t care,” she dismounted, taking her field glasses to have a closer look. “Figure it out.”

“Your choice,” Ballentyne offered his partner, knowing their brewing conflict was far beyond mere Security matters.

“The perimeter is mine,” Green said, turning his horse and heading back to the crest of the hill that ran east to west along the dirt road. “I’ll let you know if I see anything.”

Ballentyne followed her, dismounting. “Can I ask you something unrelated to all this confusion and subterfuge?”

“Always,” she answered, squinting off towards the east.

“How did you find it in the dark, in the snow, like you had a map?”

“You’ll think I’m making it up, if I tell you,” Shan offered. “I can hear it.”

He said nothing. The idea of synesthesia was nothing new to him, and it was prevalent among the Altered.

“You’ve seen me out at night, watching meteor showers when they have star-gazing parties in the park. I hear them as well as I see them. I can hear Rock Creek as clearly as any of us can see it, even more once we get clear of the ridge.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There they go, blowing stuff up again. You can check out why – Outliers is on sale this week for 99c.

PPS- I have all 5 paper backs available, US shipping only at this time. Email me if you’re interested ( topaz08 at gmail.com ). Without the spaces, of course.