08/25/19 WeWriWa


Cool, there’s the link to the WeWriWa blog, check it out.  I’ve found numerous entertaining and awesome books there.

Things have been rough here, so I’m going to get right to the snippet.  I won’t lie, it’s a Wildblood spinoff.  I plan for the new books to be stand-alones.  This one is meant to be the segue between the trilogy and the new ones.  I’m still mulling over taglines, blurbs, titles, all the fun things that go with writing a book.  The main premise will be things in The Wildblood world you might not know.

It’s going to be action and adventure, set in the post-apocalyptic world I’ve created.  This one centers around Capt. Shannon Allen, at the time between the climax of Bloodlines, and when she ventures off to Texas.   Shan and Green are hiding out at his home in The Ranchlands, the Siksika Nation, while they figure out what to do, to defend themselves.  Everything has changed, everything except the loyalty among themselves, and the love of their home that has put them in the precarious position they are in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seven-year-old you outsmarted Rafe,” Green reminded her.

For a few years. It would have helped, if we’d have known the war was still going on.”

Our local version of it.”

Glancing sideways at him, Shan cracked a smile. “World War Last, Montana edition?”

I will throw you off the deck into the snow bank,” he threatened smugly.

How bad is the damage in Cody?” she went on. “Until they tell me I’m not in Command, I’m pretending I am.”

Command isn’t going to do a thing to you.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Short and sweet.  They have a lot of issues to sort out, and very little time.  In the meantime, you can catch up on the series with The Wildblood: Trilogy One.   I’m having a drawing (Random Number Generator) for a signed paperback copy of The Vista right after Labor Day (US only, sorry!!).  No purchase necessary.  Email me!

PS – Yes, Tau Scorpii is in progress.  It’s a contest, to see which one will be completed first!