WeWriWa 08/01/2021

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Apparently, I’ve adopted a Siamese kitten living under my house. There’s a full grown black & white cat (mom?), a much larger gray and white kitten, and this teeny fluffball Siamese kitten. Maybe he’s the runt. I don’t know. I put food and water out for him every night after dark. The two bigger ones try to crowd him out, but all I have to do is tap on the window and they run. The little guy doesn’t and I make sure he eats and drinks, and when he’s finished, the other two are free to eat. I don’t know if I can catch him, or even if I should try. But, I sort of have a house guest now.

  So, back to writing. Tau Scorpii is screaming along towards ‘the end’, and I’m really pleased with it. All that plotting and planning has paid off. Of course, I have a bit of research to do, when I get to the rewriting. It shouldn’t take long. I’m aiming for Autumn 2021, so September? October? You’ll know as soon as I have a set date. There will be giveaways, signed books, all kinds of promo stuff. 

  Outliers: Texas is taking shape as well. It’s going to fill in a lot of things the first trilogy brought up. I think fans of the series will love it.

Something from Tau Scorpii. This snippet is Taryn and Aiden about to confront the alien Caerule following their caravan.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Are we going to die today?” Aiden asked, not normally being one to contemplate his mortality.

“If I can manage to talk to them, we’ll be fine,” Taryn had her horse moving at a brisk trot, and it was an uncomfortable gait in the sand, plus it was getting hot. “On Flatrock, they were afraid of the rain.”

“So were we.”

She nodded, “Whatever happens, do not draw your sword – I mean it.”

“You said that, on Flatrock.”

“And they didn’t draw so let me at least try to talk to them, or you can go back to the caravan and help wrangle the horses.”

“There’s nothing you could say to make me let you go out there alone.”

(My 8!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(And a few more lines.)

“This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to communicate with a band of them,” she said. “Alone.”

“I know.”

“It’s not the second time, either. I haven’t gotten killed trying.”

He was certain he’d rather be anywhere else, and that he had to be there despite all of it.

“Don’t smile, either.”

“Why in all the hells ever created would I smile?”

“Showing them your teeth is a sign of aggression.”

“We’re in so much trouble,” he noted.

Well, that reminds me I need to make some new promos and write an updated blurb. Yay me!