Snippet – Tau Scorpii

I’m getting to the uphill climb with Tau Scorpii. As usual, the plot has been much more complicated than I originally thought, but I guess that’s how I write. This book is exciting for me because it’s not the series. I love ‘the series’, but it’s good to know I can write something else! I’m hoping to have a release date in the early autumn. When I know, you’ll know.

In the meantime, I’m playing with learning how to make book trailers. I did a quick one for The Vista. Plans for Tau Scorpii include a much-improved book trailer and some real advertising. Grand plans, I know.

So this is a snippet from one of my favorite scenes. Taryn and Skye aren’t quite certain how to act around one and other. Things are about to heat up, in more ways than one.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Walk with me,” Skye beckoned to Taryn, moving to the side of the road.

Garrett nodded and headed for the caravan, knowing where he wasn’t wanted.

“I’ve been told,” he began as she dismounted and moved next to him. “I’m over-reacting to this situation.”

“Getting stuck with a caravan, or about you and I?”

Another thing he liked about her, that she was so straightforward. “Pick one.”

“Us,” she said without hesitation.

“I don’t see you as Shaye. I know that’s who you were, but not for me,” Skye explained.

“That was a log time ago. You never changed your name.”

“No one was looking for stray warriors from Tycho Alles. Ianto had distant blood kin in a ruling family, and as far as we know, you two were the only survivors related to the Patrons.”

“It doesn’t matter now.” She was walking close enough beside him, her hand brushed his every few steps.

“It does.”

“Skye, let it go.”

He cut in front of her, making her stop. “Say that again,” he leaned close, challenging her.

She didn’t waver. “There’s nothing you can do to change it.” Then she fiddled with the collar of his dusty vest, pretending to straighten it. “The past is gone. Let it go.” Neither of them blinked. Taryn pulled him forward and kissed him, brushing her lips over his for a few lingering moments. “I know you were a good man. Show me who you are now,” she whispered.

“You might not like who I am now.”

“I was going to say the same thing. I’m not your princess,” Taryn used a childhood fairy tale to make her point.

Skye had been read the same stories when he was young. “I’m not your knight in shining armor.” It was a stare-down, and for a few moments, and he didn’t know if she was going to kiss him again or slap him. Both would have the same effect. “This isn’t over, it’s not even started yet.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject to editing, of course, but I love this scene. It’s indicative of their relationship.And now, for the promo part of this post!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tau Scorpii: The Myth of SolTerra

Sedna is home to hundreds of predatory alien species. Humans are one of them. It’s about to get more difficult to survive.

Their clan was scattered in a war, years ago. By accident or fate, Taryn and Skye have found each other. What they face now, they have no control over. The weather is changing. Their clans must find a way to adapt, and to make peace with with themselves and other species. The alternative is extinction.

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Another Week, Another Month – Another Book!

A snippet, then promos! This is from Bloodlines. I’ve been busy co-ordinating covers for the trilogy so I can move on to Tau Scorpii and get that finished before autumn. After that, the follow-up of Outliers: Team Two, working title Outliers: Texas. Yes, I’m going there!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a nightmare; she knew it, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The fear was already there. Shan could hear voices outside, somewhere. They were angry voices, arguing and shouting. She moved to the window, recognizing the room as one of the private chambers for Council on the second floor of City Hall. The view west revealed Station Two, burning, and a bonfire in the street out front. People were fighting, baseball bats, 2×4s, anything they could find. Someone was shooting randomly from the rooftop of the old bank.

“Get away from the window,” a disembodied voice warned.

There was no one else in the room. Shan turned to look. It was pitch black and empty, creaking like old buildings do.

Fire in the Station was spreading upwards, glass breaking, smoke whipping in the air like there was a wind, but there wasn’t. She went back to the scene unfolding, knowing a group of Vistans were about to come out of the bank and confront the Scavengers en masse. Security had re-enacted the scenario with trainees over the years, showing them how things could go wrong, and how things could go right, in the middle of an attack.

“I said, get away from the window,” Rafe growled, striding into the room. He grabbed her by the hair, dragging her back towards the blackness beyond the doorway.

It was like she was in water, moving in slow motion, trying to fight back, to break away. He spun her around, hand on her throat.

A brilliant flash of light from outside drew their attention, and he released his grip on her. The light grew until it blotted out everything else. They both stared, watching as it faded. Shan knew what it was, knew it was the warhead on Missouri Breaks. Then the people outside began screaming. The windows shattered inwards.

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