Teaser Tuesday – Brand New WIP!

This is a brand new WIP, so new it doesn’t even have a title; I’m just going with ‘Tane’, the name of the main character. Original, huh? There’ll be something catchy and sharp later. For now, just a teaser, you know, for Teaser Tuesday.


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WeWriWa #8Sunday

This is 8 sentences from the WIP prequel to ‘The Vista’. It’s leaning much more towards the romance than the action adventure, even if these 8 don’t show it. My thought is, the events of ‘The Vista’ would have happened entirely differently if Shannon didn’t love Mac and visa versa. I’m hoping this prequel gives a little insight to why the main characters are they way they are.

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And now – 8 sentences from ‘The Vista: Blackout’ (working title, I hope I come up with something else).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He switched over to the station’s com system. “This is Duncan, I need qualified Dispatchers on the floor now.”

“Sir, I’m fine . . . “ Shannon began.

“You’re not being relieved; you’re considered a secondary team. I want you patrolling the boundary of The Vista a minute after your replacement is here. You’re not cleared to leave the city, Officer Allen. Tonight, a whole class of rookies are going to make sure no one sneaks into The Vista. In this case, it is absolutely not better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission – do you understand me?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WeWriWa #8Sunday


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An excerpt from ‘The Vista’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I thought we were done doing this,” she said quietly, suddenly very distracted from their mission and Security matters.

“I was mistaken,” he told her. “Dance with me.”

Shan deposited her sidearm on the bookcase shelf with the least amount of his scattered belongings before joining him. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Mac put his hands on her waist and they swayed with the music. After a few minutes, she rested her head on his shoulder.

“You don’t have to play sappy love songs to get me to spend the night.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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The Evolution of a Book Cover

With my first novel getting close to being online, I had to figure out a few things – the cover being an important issue. Having scrolled through hundreds of books in the same genre I noticed a lot of stock covers in use and knew I didn’t want that. A fabulous internet friend (hi EJ!) who happens to be a couple books ahead of me on the internet learning curve has offer invaluable advice. She said a custom cover was the way to go.

After a bit of research I connected with an artist, Joe Kawano. We emailed, we did some PMs, and things got moving. This is the very first sketch.


Joe made sure to explain how the process progresses and that this was a mock-up for him to work from. The finished cover would look pretty much nothing like this.

Stage Two!


After some personal glitches on both ends and getting through the holidays, we got around to some more PMs and polishing the details.

cover_03 Woman-With-Gun-04

This Monday, I received an email from Joe with this picture attached. He is taunting me!


So very close. In the meantime I’ve been lining up the other things I need to get this project finished. If I have any advice to offer as a first-time novelist or to anyone new to publishing online, I’d say do your research. Find out what’s involved. Get ahead of yourself. Do the ‘impossible’. I should have gotten to some of the details sooner, but I didn’t know. You can learn something new every day.

‘The Vista’ is almost a reality now. While I’ve been concentrating on this, I’ve also got the rough draft of a prequel about half finished. It will be a novella and promises a few surprises. So, let me introduce you to the world of ‘The Vista’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Team Three has a secret, one they think they’ve kept from all but a select few colleagues. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Allen, MacKenzie and Wade are Vista Security’s top officers, part of the first generation post-WW3. Their secret – they are genetically enhanced and psychically connected. Hidden away in an enclave in the Rocky Mountains, they’re also at the forefront of the movement to see what’s left of the outside world.

As they attempt to learn the truth, their presence makes them targets of a vicious renegade with the means to destroy everything they know. Facing exile or worse, Team Three has short time to figure out who is enemy, who is friend and how to save their home and themselves.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Excerpt from ‘The Vista’

A storm moved in after nightfall, the rain almost ice as it fell from a black sky. No thunder, sparse lightning and that was the worst part of it – the broken, eerie silence between downpours. Shannon didn’t like being in the city for any reason. Twice a week, four months a year she was anyway. It was her job. They might say ghosts weren’t real, but most of ‘them’ had never spent a night in the long dead place. Sometime after midnight, she gave in and headed for home.

Crossing the Continental Divide, the rain turned to snow, huge white flakes splattering on the windshield and not melting. The road was mostly clear. Static on Shannon’s radio was thick, but moments later, she understood two words. Code Seven. Active aggressive incident outside the outer perimeter, but active aggressive still. She kicked it into overdrive and came down the mountain full tilt, pushing the car and pushing her luck on a road known to devour Scouts.

Then the outer marker merely went ‘blip’ as she passed it. If there was an alert, proximity warnings would have gone off all over Security. Alarms should be sounding in Dispatch and her car. She stared at the radio for a moment, realizing what she had stumbled in to.

Wargames. The call-out wasn’t real.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I knew before I got to high school that I wanted to write books. I did, too, dozens of short stories I thought someday I’d turn into novels. Oh, how I wish I had those spiral notebooks full of wild ideas and teenage musings.

I still have the ideas of many of those stories – some of them make me cringe. A few will become something more as I add books to my list of those that are published.

For now, I live in the desert and many nights, in between writing and sleep, you can find me out watching the stars. It’s dark, out here in the desert and I can see so many stars that weren’t there before. I make time to write now. The tiny seeds of stories demand that I write them down.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.

Did You Hear That?

It was a guillotine. I axed over 5000 words because I’d gone off describing things and getting into aspects of world building that just don’t matter to this story. Although this puts me a bit behind on my schedule, I’m back on-track.

‘The Vista’ will be out before the end of March, so you’ll see a lot of promos going on for that as soon as I know when. I’m not joking myself about getting ‘Blackout’ out in April, but May looks pretty good.

Back to words now.