Character Profile – Shannon



Full Name – Shannon S. Allen

Position – Scout of Team Three

DOB – 12/02/27

Place of Birth – The Vista, Montana

Natural parents – biological mother Summer Fiore, adopted mother, Deirdre McCann; father Michael Allen

Siblings – none (?)

Professional – Shan qualified as a close quarters shooter and Dispatch officer in Jan., 2044; and a Scout as of Sept. 2044 during the Blackout.  She has only been assigned to Team Three.  The newest member of Security Command, as of March, 2046.  She has traveled extensively across the Idaho, Washington, Oregon area at their request, without the knowledge of City Council.

Personal –  Involved in a relationship with Alex MacKenzie since she was sixteen, she also has close connections with Cmdr. Wade, Capt. Green, Lt. Taylor and most recently, Lt. Hunter.  She is very private, leading to rumors and gossip throughout Security.  (Team Three, and the younger generation of Vistans in general, are not monogamous.  Some choose to be, most are not.)

Although she has never formally moved out of her parent’s home, she keeps a room at Station Two, in The Vista’s downtown district.

Like both her Guardian partners, Shannon tested very high in formal education classes, an estimated IQ of +160.  She was less interested in her performance on such tests than Wade.  Mac was indifferent.

Shan is among the first babies born in The Vista that survived.  She often reacts to a crisis or threat before considering the implications and rarely is concerned about offending Council.  She has kept her record clean with Command, however.  Of the three, she is the most curious about the outside world, having seen bits of it on her excursions west.

Her biggest fear is that they will never know what is beyond Montana, that The Vista will stagnate as it sets isolated.

Hobbies include collecting history books, skiing, and (mostly unsuccessful) dabbling in horticulture.  The couple of houseplants she keeps at Station Two are alive because of the efforts of the housekeeping staff.

cropped1                           Shannon Allen, Flathead Lake, Aug., 2046, picture taken by unknown


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These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.

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A link to The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood. Just in case!


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