WeWriWa 12/20/2020 Part 2

Ok, trying this again. Check out the WeWriWa blog for authors sharing their books, bit by bit. It’s fun.

I’ve been AWOL this year, mostly, but I’m writing. This snippet is from Tau Scorpii, the book 2nd in queue to be released in 2021.


When Taryn rescues another human from a marauding band of Caeruleum, she is reunited with clansmen from her past. It puts her at odds with their new chieftan, as well as her own partner, a powerful privateer. They discover there are more imminent problems, ones they cannot control and must unite to survive. Easier said than done, when each of them are strong-willed, intense, and have their own plans for the future to set in motion.

Sedna is home to hundreds predatory alien species. Humans are one of them. They’ve been there long enough to adapt, but not so long that all of them have forgotten, it’s not their world. The weather is changing. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

(Garrett is injured, Taryn is bossy. They have just met. No, they are not the romance sort of thing that happens later.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Garrett flexed his limbs, his leg, carefully, flinching, “It’s not deep, but out here,” he shrugged, “Bad enough.”

“Or you could drop your pants and let me stitch it,” Taryn offered.

“Have you ever worked on a human patient?”

Folding her arms, she nodded towards the eastern horizon, “Do you see that tiny cloud, way out there – that might be a puff of smoke, a Denzik herd stampeding, a crawler kicking up dust. My opinion, that is a haboob about to start up and roll this way and we’re going to have to dig in right here,” she indicated the dune they stopped beside. “You can sit here and bleed, or you can let me fix it, because I’ve sewn up dozens of wounded animals, humans included.”

Pushing himself up and out of the crawler, he balanced carefully, towering over her, then moved aside. “Dig your hole and we’ll get on with this, I’m no good to you crippled.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that’s my 8. Sorry for the creative punctuation!

I have a number of books in the works. Outliers: Team Two will be the first one out next year, followed by this one. With some luck and some persistence, a third book will happen although I’m not entirely certain which.

The Wildblood: Trilogy One books have all been reduced in price, in anticipation of a new one. The box set is also on sale until Christmas.