Character Profile – Mac

Full Name – Alex MacKenzie, nickname Mac

Position – sniper of Team Three

DOB – 12/29/23

Place of Birth – Phoenix, AZ, Southwest Allied States of America

Natural parents -David (b. 08/02), A Ranch supervisor and Maggie (b. 04/05), a radio operator.

Siblings – Twins Colin (m) and Carri (f) (b. 11/31) both work at the ranches; Tanya (b. 04/40) is still in school.

Professional – the first member of Team Three to join Security.  A Guardian since 11/40, he talked Wade into joining Security with him and they have always been partners.  He joined Security Command in 4/45.


  Photos by Shannon S. Allen, Dec. 2044, Station Two, The Vista

Personal –  by far the most impulsive member of Team Three, Mac has share of secrets.  The ‘hidden’ Gen En, his abilities have been slower to develop and it has lead to his drinking problem.  He has lost rank twice because of clashes with superior officers.

As a rookie, Mac was briefly involved with a woman that arrived in The Vista with a group travelling west.  It’s believed she was pregnant when the group continued on.

His relationship with Shannon Allen is widely know, in Security and otherwise.  They both are aware of the limits of that relationship.  As Gen Ens, Altereds, they have no intentions of having children together, in fear of traits they may or may not pass on.

Hobbies – Mac has a fascination with old movies and video games (quotes them frequently, much to the chagrin of some in Security, and the delight of others).  He plays a mean guitar, but is admittedly no Eric Clapton; and helps his father at the ranches when he has the time.  Like his partners, he is close to his family.


man in gas mask plays guitar


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These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.

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4 thoughts on “Character Profile – Mac

  1. Hi, there, was just moderating the WeWriWa hop, and saw the name Alexander MacKenzie…which is what our daughter would have been named had she been a he. Did you choose that name for your character because of what the names mean?


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