The New Normal

Things have settled into a routine here, and Jim  wants me to start writing again.  Suuuuuuuuuure.  I did open the file last night.  I even read the draft.


I wish I could call that on other things, but we all know how that goes.

Since it’s only February, I’m really hoping to get this book out by autumn.  My time is filled with other things, scary, heart-breaking things, but we keep moving on.  I will write.  I may delete also, but that’s nothing new.

Just an update.  Things are looking as good as they can, under the circumstances.  We watched ‘The Warriors’ on Valentine’s Day eve, the first movie we saw together.  He even offered to  take me out to the same restaurant we went out to, all those years ago (Jack-in-the-Box) while we were in Las Cruces.  I declined, and took him to Golden Corral.  It’s the little things that matter.  Always has been.  Sometimes, we lose sight of that.



My husband has been told he doesn’t have a lot of time left.  While there is a third book to The Wildblood, I’m not at all certain when I will finish it.  For now, my priorities are family and nothing else.  I’m sorry about letting my readers down, but that’s the way it is.

As a side note – if you have been told to get a colonoscopy and have been putting it off, don’t.  You think bad things like this only happen to other people.  You’re wrong.


No, there is no writing now.

After a series of seemingly unrelated events, my husband ended up in the local hospital on Dec. 1, and was rushed to Providence Memorial in El Paso.  He is home now.  The cancer we thought was gone, isn’t.  We have a tough fight ahead, but the prognosis is good.

I’m certain, at some point, book 3 will continue.  It’s a thing I have to write, especially since Jim has already been nagging me to get back to it.  Right now, getting a plan in place for his recovery is consuming everything, so there’s that.

Updates as I can.  Prayers appreciated.

Book Highlight – The Vista

Vista_blankThe Wildblood Series

A Post-Apocalyptic Action Adventure

No one remembers what started the war, the big one. Civilization stopped, and what came next was fueled by rage and fear.

Twenty years on, a tiny refuge, a place called The Vista, may be one of the last vestiges of humanity. Isolated, guarded, and hiding a dark secret, the people have survived World War Last, and they are content with that. Their children, however, are not. The search for others will send them out into a world they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally is blurred.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood introduces Team Three – they’re young, ambitious, and at the forefront of a movement to discover what is beyond The Vista. They also believe they are genetically enhanced, a practice outlawed long before they were born. Venturing beyond their valley draws the attention of someone dangerous, someone that shares their past and wants to control their future, or destroy them because of what they might be.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What Readers Are Saying

“As a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, I was curious to see what new ground this story would cover. Not disappointed! The post-nuclear world is a bit different from the stories Generation X was told.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“There are only a few books that make me want to immediately re-read the second I finish reading. This is one of those books.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I really enjoyed this book, especially once I started to understand what made Team Three tick and how their special connection drove the plot forward to a very satisfying, action-packed ending.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“There are many undercurrents and betrayals going on. The Vista is well paced, and intriguing. I read it in one setting, determined to get to the truth … and while I got many truths sorted out, others will have to be sussed out in book 2.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“As a fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, I was curious to see what new ground this story would cover. Not disappointed! The post-nuclear world is a bit different from the stories Generation X was told.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“As a huge fan of the Fallout franchise and post-apocalyptic fiction and media in general, the Vista series feels like it has fallen from the sky into my grasp!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“This is dystopian fiction at its best. Looking forward to the sequel.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Reviews taken from Amazon.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Amazon (Kindle & paperback)




#8Sunday WeWriWa 10/15/17

Check out the WeWriWa blog for more authors offering to share a snippet of their work.  I’ve found many amazing books there.


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  A few things have happened, writing-wise.  First, I’ve put Bloodlines on hold.  The storyline simply wasn’t going anywhere, and those characters have a lot to do, in that last book of the trilogy.  I can’t even guarantee there won’t be future books in that particular world.  So, later, after I have a chance to figure out where it went off.

Next, Tau Scorpii is on deck.  Descendants of humans, on another world, far, far away.  It’s a barbaric place, and the seasons are about to change.  No one alive has seen the springtime, and they don’t know what to expect.  Neither do the other transplanted species, some of those being not-so-friendly types.  In first draft, so, there’s that.

Taryn is a female ranger, her job consisting mostly of boring things that keep her village working smoothly.  Animal husbandry, botany, farming, the list of necessities she keeps herself busy with.  Not to mention hidden.  Some of her enemies are human.

On a venture beyond her territory, she stumbles upon a band of Caerule, the massive, fanged, and ruthless predators that rule the High Desert.  Indications are, they’re about to invade the human territories.  They take no prisoners, unless it’s for a short game of hunter and hunted.  If the human clans can’t agree on how to stop the threat, they’ll all become the hunted.

I swear, this is an actual Science Fiction Romance.  Really.  This is Taryn and Garrett, as they attempt to play hide and seek with his captors.  He is not, not, not the ‘R’ in this, but he is certainly a main character.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I didn’t say I was a Ranger.”

But you are, or you wouldn’t be out here, by yourself, worrying about the Minets. Or me.” They reached the edge of the ridge, and easily slid to the bottom. He stood to brush the sand away. It was an educated guess. She was carefully disguised in heavy desert garb, certainly female, with dark hair tied back tightly, and pretty, pale eyes somewhere between blue and green.

Taryn had judged right, he was a full head-span taller than her, older, too, by half her age or close to it. Not old, by any account. One of those predators he warned her about, she suspected.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More next week, as I get into some secrets and some surprises.  You can find The Wildblood books at my website.

Pets in Space 2!

By Cara Bristol

Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 description

The pets are back! Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2, featuring twelve of today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors brings you a dozen original stories written just for you! Join in the fun, from the Dragon Lords of Valdier to a trip aboard award-winning author, Veronica Scott’s Nebula Zephyr to journeying back to Luda where Grim is King, for stories that will take you out of this world! Join New York Times, USA TODAY, and Award-winning authors S.E. Smith, M.K. Eidem, Susan Grant, Michelle Howard, Cara Bristol, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Laurie A. Green, Sabine Priestley, Jessica E. Subject, Carol Van Natta, and Alexis Glynn Latner as they share stories and help out, a charity that supports our veterans!

10% of the first months profits go to Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs and places them free of charge with US Veterans to improve quality of life and restore independence.

Pets in Space 2 Embrace the Romance 1294x1941

Buy link for all stores:


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Rescued by the Cyborg (A Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance) by Cara Bristol

A cyborg’s haunted past and a Faria’s clouded future entwine…

Hostage and sole survivor Solia waits for death at the hands of vicious predatory aliens when Cy-Ops agent Guy Roarke disobeys orders and charges in. A former medic, he initiates emergency medical procedures before rushing her to Cybermed.

Guy is taken with Solia, but the guilt of a past mistake won’t allow him to plan for a future with the delicate, brave beauty. Life is so uncertain, he can’t even keep Mittzi, the kitten his niece gave him. What he can do is see to it Solia gets the help she needs for a full recovery. But when best intentions place her in greater danger, it’s up to a little kitten to make everything all right again.

Hannah on perch
Excerpts (pick one)
No. 1
Guy pushed into his cabin. Next to his bags was the gift—a box tied with a big red bow. The carton was moving. And mewing. “Oh, Jessamine, what did you do?”

The box bumped into his foot. Atop the lid his niece had written: LIVE ANAMUL. OPEN IMED IMID SOON!

He ripped off the bow and peeled back the top. Inside, an angry, frightened kitten hissed. Jessamine’s cat had birthed a litter, and he recognized this baby by its gray coat, four white feet, and a blotch shaped like a star on its button nose.

Sighing, he reached into the carton.

The kitten growled and swiped its claws across his skin.

“Ow!” Guy yanked his hand back. The kitten leaped out and dove under the berth.

Great. Just great. How could his niece have done such a thing? She shouldn’t have boxed up a live animal—even if she did punch air holes in the carton. If she hadn’t contacted him and insisted he open the present, the kitten might have remained inside for quite a while.

In the corner of the container, he spotted a slip of paper, partially shredded. He unfolded it.

Dear Uncle Guy,

I know you are sad, and I want you to be happy. I am giving you one of Fluffy’s kittens so you won’t be lonely. I named her Mittzi becuz she has four wite white mittens. Pleez come home again, soon.



His sister worried about him, but Carter, too, and now Jessamine? He hadn’t hidden his feelings well enough if his seven-year-old niece could pick up on them.

His fiancée’s defection had devastated him.

Excerpt No. 2

He cocked an ear for the Ka-Tȇ then, hearing nothing, sprinted into the clearing. A shimmer revealed an electro-cage surrounded the Faria, the force field beamed from a half-buried unit. To his knowledge, the Ka-Tȇ didn’t have the technology to create a containment field—but Quasar did. Pressing his lips together, Guy fired his blaster at a molehill-sized mound. The energy field collapsed with a crackle.

Silvery, luminous skin had dulled to gray. Gaping wounds had bled into the dirt, darkening the soil around the Faria. There was no telling how much blood she’d lost. He cursed himself for not bringing an emergency medi-kit. Pressing his fingers to her throat, he sought a pulse. Too faint, but there.

He tucked his blaster into the holster so he could ease an arm under her shoulders. She moaned in pain.

“I know, sweetheart. I’m going to get you out of here,” he murmured. He hoped he wasn’t too late. When he started to lift her, her eyes flew open. She cried out and jerked, her good wing spasming. “Hey, hey, it’s okay,” he murmured. “My name is Guy. I’m here to help. What’s your name, sweetheart?”

The fear in her eyes muted. “So-Solia,” she answered. Silvery tears welled. “R-Rachel never gave up hope we’d be rescued until the end. B-but then she did…”

“There’s someone else here?” Had the computer missed one? Unusual, but possible, considering the density of the vegetation. He’d take Solia to the ship and then come back for the other survivor.

She shook her head. “No, they’re all dead. The Ka-Tȇ killed them, except for Rachel. She took her own life.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, recognizing her need to process the horrors she’d witnessed. “I wish we had time to talk, but we don’t. I’m going to carry you so we can move fast and get out of here. Okay?”

She nodded.

As he moved to scoop her up, the hair on his nape prickled. He whipped around. A Ka-Tȇ sprang at him out of nowhere like it had been catapulted.

Excerpt No. 3
Something kept poking her. Solia rose to consciousness but buried her face in her wing and squeezed her eyelids even tighter. She didn’t want to see what existed in the light. Monsters were real, and they didn’t just creep in the night. Don’t look. Stay here. Here, wherever that was, with her eyes closed, was warm, pain-free, safe.

Safe from what? What was she forgetting?

Pat. Pat. Something pawed at her feathers. Then a rumble. Pat. Pat. Poke. Something sharp, like a claw scraped across her face.




Cage. Death. Her lids sprang open. Two green Ka-Tȇ eyes stared into hers. The creature yawned, revealing a mouthful of small, sharp teeth, and then struck out with its paw.

Solia shrieked. The creature somersaulted and disappeared. Dragging her broken, torn wing, Solia stumbled for the door and plowed into a massive chest.

“What’s happened? What’s wrong?” A man gripped her shoulders. Though he barricaded the way, his presence exuded safety, calmed her panic. More memories flashed. Racing through the jungle. This man carrying her to a pod. Bodies hitting the window, scratching, clawing, trying to crack it open. The man—Guy— had rescued her from Katnia. The floor hummed beneath her feet. She was on a ship now.

But one of the creatures—“K-K-Ka-Tȇ. Here.”

“What? Where?” Disbelief knit his brows.

Solia gulped air and pointed. “Under the berth. It’s little, but I woke up, and it was on me, scratching my face. It had green eyes. Claws.” She patted her cheeks. There didn’t seem to be any injury.

“Mittzi.” Guy shook his head. He got down on all fours to peer under the bunk.

“Be careful.”

He reached under the berth and pulled out a ball of gray fur with white feet. Maybe Ka-Tȇ were born furry but lost their hair as they matured? The creature spoke, emitting an odd little meow noise. Neither language training nor the implant provided a translation. It clung to Guy, showing no sign of savagery, but maybe viciousness developed with time, too.

“It’s not a Ka-Tȇ, it’s a kitten, a baby cat,” Guy said, his tone gentle. “Don’t you have felines on Faria?”

About the Cara Bristol
USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes steamy science fiction romance with an emphasis on the characters and their romance, with a little humor, heat, and danger added for fun. She is the author of three science fiction romance series: sexy cyborg Cy-Ops Scifi Romance series, the dark erotic Breeder series, and the new humorous Alien Mate series. She likes to say that she writes science fiction for readers who don’t like sci-fi. Cara lives in Missouri with her alpha hero, her husband, and Hannah, her cat, aka her writing supervisor.




#8SundayWeWriWa 09/10/17

Back for the WeWriWa weekend fun. Check out the blog for a whole batch of snippets from some excellent authors!


The Wildblood Series

Twenty years after civilization stopped, a tiny refuge, a place called The Vista, may be one of the last vestiges of humanity. Isolated, guarded, and hiding a dark secret, the people have survived World War Last, and they are content with that. Their children, however, are not. The search for others will send them out into a land they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally is blurred.

From Bloodlines. This is Shan & Hunter, as their lives are tumbling into chaos. It’s been a long day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Come live with me.”


“I don’t know, does it matter?” he asked. “Let’s run away, and have our own lives.”

She was quiet for a long time, finishing her drink. Hunter reached past her and turned on the water briefly to reheat their bath.

“So,” he said finally, “That means no.”

“It means, maybe. You know better than most, I come with attachments. Two of them.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A release date for Bloodlines is imminent. Yes, I’ve said that before. Promos for the series.


The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood
What would you do, to protect your home?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood
Uncontrollable. Unpredictable. Dangerous. The Wildblood.
Now, Team Three know what they are.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

99¢ always.
Before Team Three, there was The Blackout.
Backlash, prequel to The Wildblood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bloodlines: Book 3 of The Wildblood will be available this autumn. Catch up on the series now.
Learning the truth about the Altered, and the legacy of The Vista, is the first priority of Team Three. It may earn them exile from their home. They know this. Failure is not an option.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All are available in paperback and eBooks –