Character Profile – Hunter

Full Name – Chase Caulder; Hunter was the name he adopted when he was forced into hiding, shortly before the war.

Position – Rookie officer, Vista Security; also a designated sniper.

DOB – 03/04/18

Place of Birth – Birmingham, Alabama, United Confederate States of America

Natural parents – Jenn Ariane  and Philip Caulder.  Philip was a US Senator at the outbreak of the war.  Jenn was his lawyer.

Siblings – Older brother Philip (b. 05/16), younger brother Joseph (b. 03/22) and younger sister Dana (b. 10/25)

Professional – Joined the Caravans in 2038 at 20 as a gunner.  Moved to Vista Security in 2046.  Along with his guardian partner, Dallas, Hunter has sealed personnel files  and very little about his life before the war is known.  When he’s not on-duty for Security, he’s on-call for the caravan short runs to local areas.

Hunter isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, and its gotten him in trouble with various supervisors and occasionally, Security, including Cmdr. Wade.  He isn’t intimidated easily, doesn’t back down from a fair fight, and is a bit of an adrenalin junkie.

Personal – Hunter has never been married despite several relationships over the years.  He’s more comfortable alone.  His best friend is Evan Dallas.  (Dallas was the Secret Service agent that got Hunter out of Chicago as the war broke out.)  He lived with Evan and his wife Serena until the birth of their second child, not long after he joined the Caravans.

Hobbies – He works at the brewery a few days a month, helps at the West End Stables when they need him, and builds furniture for the co-op in his spare time.




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These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.


A link to The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood



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