Things That Annoy Me

#1 – Being 550 words in to a new story and having my OpenOffice act like its gone insane.  Saved, sure, after removing random formatting and replacing random letters with what looks like oriental letters.  I kid you not.

#2 – The update for OpenOffice taking nearly an hour to get it together and install.  My computer is an i5, this isn’t my fault.  ~headdesk~

#3 – Looking at aforementioned 550 words two hours on and thinking “Well great, I’ve lost that train-of-thought.  I think I’ll go watch ‘Knights of Badassdom’.”

#4 – Laughing at ‘Knights of Badassdom’ because I understand everything they’re doing.

#5 – Later, wondering why it takes me so long to write openings.

Edited for #6 – Finding a Trojan hiding in my computer.  That explains a lot.  Malwarebytes took care of it.

I love/hate this obsession.  A lot.

This Is How I Used to Write

Not so long ago I used to have 2, 3 and sometimes more writing projects going at the same time.  Some of these things got tossed in the Recycle Bin, many more were just tucked away for later.  Then ‘The Vista’ came along, taking over the writing time I’d carefully divided up.  (That’s a lie – I wrote whatever was stewing around in my brain.)

Now that ‘The Vista’ is getting R E A L L Y close to publication, the other stories, slivers of ideas and crazy plot points are all clamoring for my attention again.  One is a short story or more likely a novella prequel to – you guessed it – ‘The Vista’.

The other prominent loud one will be a two book series covering two generations of a ruling class of families in a land divided by civil war.  These have a fantasy element and are a lot more exciting than a couple lines can tell.  (Yes, I’ve read the books of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.  No, my story is nothing like that.)

So there’s that.  I have some writing to do for the new year and that’s what makes me happy.

More on these as I can.  I am certain they’ll take a lot less time getting to print.  It’s that first one that gets you.  Such a learning curve!


The first 177 pages (10 chapters) have been edited.  I hope to hear from my cover artist in the next week.  A copyright will be happening and then . . . BOOK!

The thing that has surprised me this week is the story yelling the loudest to get out next.  This is the one I thought would be my first novel.  When I developed writer’s block, I started fiddling with another little idea I’d had, just to keep in the habit of writing.  That little idea is ‘The Vista’.

Things turn to a full circle now as the long set-aside book comes back to life.

Editing and Other Wacky Things

Jim is my Technical Editor/Critiquer.  He opens the .rtf with the first 177 pages and a minute later says “Page 2”.  At this point, if the laptop wasn’t right there, I’d be completing a ~headdesk~.  It was minor.  So was the thing on Page 3 and Page 20.  At this point he remarks that something chapters further on has never set well and we’re off to check that out.

Sure enough, there’s a problem.  Again, nothing big but it needed attention and now it’s fixed.  How he sees these things is beyond me because I’ve read it a thousand times and never spotted the errors.

He just smiles when I swear under my breathe.  I’m Italian and Irish, it’s stress relief for me.

55 pages down.


Just to clarify – ‘The Vista’ is not a Young Adult novel.  I’m not certain what qualifies a book as YA, but this isn’t it.

Something more interesting later, I promise.

Excerpt from ‘The Vista’

Excerpt from ‘The Vista’


“Three weeks ago, you told me you were psychic,” Hunter went right to the point.


“Prove it,” he said.

“Just for the sake of sanity, I have to say a few things. I can’t predict the future, I can’t move things with my brain, I can’t do any of the weird shit you watch in those old movies.” Shan suppressed the urge to smirk at Kyle and Green. They spent too much time watching them with Mac. “I can usually sense what others are feeling. Mostly, I rely on instinct, on that first impression. I’m right far more often than I’m wrong. I sense things that are happening and things that have happened in the past.”

“It’s all of you, isn’t it? Team Three?”

“Yes,” she confirmed. “Prove it? Since it mostly just involves my team . . . ” She shrugged. “Easier said than done.”

“Are you backing out on me now?” Hunter asked, half joking and half challenging.

“Oh, please,” she rolled her eyes. “Did you see the detonation on Missouri Breaks?”

“No, I’ve told you that.”

“Would you like to?”

“No,” Hunter repeated.