When Ideas Happen

After a long few days of getting my first published novel online, I was calling it an early night (1am), having a shower and getting some sleep. Nice warm shower, quiet house . . . and then the ideas and plot twists for book 2 started popping into my brain. Not just one, hoards of them.

I’m never going to complain about getting ideas, but they do seem to happen at odd times. When I’m asleep, or shopping or out on the road somewhere travelling. In this age of electronic devices, I need to start keeping a spiral notebook and pen at hand again. Write down every bit, sort them out later.

What tricks to you use to wake up your muse? Mine is music, or insomnia. I prefer music.

My weekend is almost upon me, I have a novella to finish the first draft on. Pleasant dreams!


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The Vista

One thought on “When Ideas Happen

  1. Any genre-related ideas I get also pop up when I am all over the place. When it comes to commercial or business related writing, if I am dry of ideas, I read – anything and everything. That seems to stimulate my thought processes.

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