And It’s Here – My First Published Novel


‘The Vista’ Amazon Page

Blurb – The Vista by S. A. Hoag

Team Three has a secret, one they think they’ve kept from all but a select few colleagues. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Allen, MacKenzie and Wade are Vista Security’s top officers, part of the first generation post-World War 3. They’ve trained all their lives to survive and thrive in a cold, hostile world. Their secret – they believe they are genetically enhanced and are unquestionably connected psychically. Hidden away in an enclave in the Rocky Mountains, they’re also at the forefront of the movement to see what’s left of the outside world. Not everyone in The Vista is as eager to venture forth.

As they attempt to learn the truth, their mere presence makes them targets of a vicious renegade with the means to destroy everything they know. Facing exile or worse, Team Three has short time to figure out who is enemy, who is friend and how to save their home and themselves.

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood series takes place in the near-future where the Earth has been nearly emptied of human beings by a short and devastating world war. Venturing beyond the safety of their valley may be the best move Security has ever made; it’s absolutely the most dangerous.


Excerpt from The Vista

A storm moved in after nightfall, the rain almost ice as it fell from a black sky. No thunder, sparse lightning and that was the worst part of it – the broken, eerie silence between downpours. Shannon didn’t like being in the city for any reason. Twice a week, four months a year she was anyway. It was her job. They might say ghosts weren’t real, but most of ‘them’ had never spent a night in the long dead place. Sometime after midnight, she gave in and headed for home.

Crossing the Continental Divide, the rain turned to snow, huge white flakes splattering on the windshield and not melting. The road was mostly clear. Static on Shannon’s radio was thick, but minutes later, she understood two words. Code Seven. Active aggressive incident outside the outer perimeter, but active aggressive still. She kicked it into overdrive and came down the mountain full tilt, pushing the car and pushing her luck on a road known to devour Scouts.

Then the outer marker merely went ‘blip’ as she passed it. If there was an alert, proximity warnings would have gone off all over Security. Alarms should be sounding in Dispatch and her car. She stared at the radio for a moment, realizing what she had stumbled in to.

Wargames. The call-out wasn’t real.

“Car Ten, radio check. Alert status,” she said on the air, dead calm. She’d been a Scout more than three years. Calm was what they did, it was the only
way to survive. The Vista was still far enough away for most of the reply to be static.

“Alert Six, Car Ten,” Dispatch responded. No alert. Things happened when she was on the other side of the divide for half a day. She missed wargames. It was too late to pretend she had known and Shan went for a timed run. The adrenalin wouldn’t let her slow down anyway.

In the dark, a flicker of taillights warned her she wasn’t alone. At this time of night and this time of year, it would be someone who knew it was a practice run. As Shan came up behind them, she recognized the car. Team One was a
Guardian team from her station that had just rotated back to her schedule.
She flashed her high-beams for them to clear the left lane. There was no immediate response.

They were supposed to be in radio-silence too, but hell, no one had bothered to tell her about the wargames. “Move it over, Lt. Hunter,” Shan warned on the air. She shared some expletives with the junior officer, knowing who was driving simply by reputation.

Team One did indeed move right. Shannon passed them like they were parked, turning on her emergency lights as she went around the rusted out carcass of a semi trailer not even a mile further down the road.

“She’ll do what?” Hunter asked his partner Dallas, amused at her tirade and understanding exactly what she’d said.

“You heard her.” Dallas knew better than to think it was funny. He knew Shannon.

“Fuck up my life permanently,” the younger man repeated, smiling to himself. “Does she get that from Wade?” he wondered.

“Cmdr. Wade rarely swears. She gets that from Maj. MacKenzie.” Dallas emphasized the rank of her Guardian team to make a point.

“Senior Security,” Hunter shrugged as her car disappeared in the night. He wasn’t particularly concerned about her attitude and Senior Security officers were known for being eccentric. It would be twenty minutes before they caught up with her, but only because she stopped.


S. A. Hoag is an author, lapidary artist, very amateur astronomer (“I just look at the stars, I can’t name ’em.”), and accidental desert-dweller. Born in the middle of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, more specifically Salida, she has lived in a number of cities in a number of states before crash-landing in the New Mexico desert. Not Roswell, however. Science Fiction has always been her first interest in reading and writing; many other genres sneak into the novels and that’s alright with her.

Where to find her –

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