WeWriWa #8Sunday

Ah! I’m baaaaaaaaaaack. Been absent for a couple weeks. First off, check out WeWriWa! A whole group of authors just waiting for you to read 8 sentences and get hooked on a story.


My 8 for today, from the prequel novella to The Vista, working title The Blackout. Because I’m so clever at titles. This bit is a car chase, first draft. I plan to release it in June, 2015.


There was more gunfire and the front-running Security vehicles were hit repeatedly. One spun out, leaving the blacktop and plowing up an enormous amount of dust.

For a moment, Shan thought it was going to roll on the steep slope. Then it did, going five hundred and forty degrees before it came to rest on its roof, mostly obscured by the billowing cloud of dirt.

“Allen, get Green,” Wade barked on the air.

“Hang on,” she warned Taylor, locking the brakes up and going off the road, skidding to a stop not even a full car length away. She had her safety harness off before the car came to a full stop. “Cover us, Taylor.”


And why I’ve been AWOL – I’m finally online! The Vista went live on Amazon April 16. Check it out!


4 thoughts on “WeWriWa #8Sunday

  1. Tense and action packed! The 540 degrees thing threw me out of the scene for a moment – I get that this means the vehicle spun one and a half times but it’s such an unusual way to say it….however, I’m definitely intrigued and wanting to read more! Great snippet.

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