#8Sunday WeWriWa 02/14/16

Another weekend and I didn’t miss the post.  That’s two in a row.  Almost a record for me!  Promo for the blog first – WeWriWa is a fantastic group of writers sharing their work.  Check them out for a lot of cool reads.



And now my words.  This is a continuation of last week, an exchange between Hunter and Shannon, who have some unresolved issues.  This is from Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood, due for release in May, 2016.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mac?” she repeated, puzzled.

Tall guy, wears a cowboy hat, watches a lot of old movies when he’s off-duty. You two are . . . involved.”

Folding her arms, she sighed, “I forget, sometimes. You still think my relationship with Mac has some bearing on my relationship with you – it doesn’t.”

Maybe not for you,” Hunter corrected. “And maybe not for him, but I have trouble working around that.”

I don’t even know how to respond,” Shan decided after a moment.

What did you mean, make it worth your time?”

Exactly what you think.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood is available now, at Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Page Foundry, Scribd, B&N & 24Symbols. Just follow the link.



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