#8Sunday WeWriWa 02/21/16

A bit about WeWriWa first – many great snippets from some talented writers. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.



I’m on a roll now. With getting blog posts up on time, and writing. Seems that Renegades is moving now, and along with that, I’ve had pages of notes for Book 3. There’s a novella as well, and it has nothing to do with The Wildblood universe. More about that in the future.

OK, some words.  This is a continuation of the conversation between Hunter & Shannon last week, from my upcoming novel Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hunter folded his arms, waiting, knowing her better than that.

“There are times I really despise that . . . smug look,” she folded her arms, daring him to respond.

He held his ground, silently.

“Fine. You’re right, I didn’t mean it, I meant I’m happy to see you and hope like hell you’re happy to see me. I’d never try to dictate your morals or emotions to you and if someone gave me an ultimatum like that I’d . . .” she shrugged, knowing he was aware of her reactions.

“There it is,” Hunter said. “You’d slap someone trying to pressure you into a situation you weren’t comfortable with. At least a slap. And yes, I’m happy to see you.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that conversation is pretty much over, at least in this draft.  Things are about to heat up, for all three of my MCs, and not necessarily in a fun way.

Catch up on who/why/how they all got where they are.  The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood is available at Amazon and other formats.



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