09/01/19 WeWriWa


Welcome to my part of the WeWriWa blog!  Go to the website to find other authors sharing their snippets.  It’s fun, and there are a lot of great books out there in progress.  Same thing for Snippet Sunday over at FB.

This is a bit from a WIP Wildblood book yet to be named.  It follows after the trilogy, but is a stand alone novel.

The Gen En Shannon Allen, has sworn to protect her home.  After recent tragedies, she is more determined than ever to discover the secrets kept from her all her life.  Her kind, the genetically enhanced, the Altered, are being hunted, they have been since World War Last.  Venturing out into the post-apocalyptic world is dangerous.  Ignoring the truth about the Altered could be deadly.

* * * * *

This week, Shan & Green are continuing their discussion.

* * * * *

I don’t think it’s a good idea, for you to go to Texas, Damon,” she finally voiced her concern about his ongoing involvement with Team Three.

Why, specifically?” He wasn’t surprised, or hurt, by the statement.

Mostly because I need eyes in The Vista, ones I can trust. I don’t know who’s going south, I have no control of it, either. I do know, not all of them are going to be the friendly sort. Oh, they may look that way on the outside, but I can see on the inside, too, or at least have a damned good idea about their intent and I need to know, if I have to retreat, I have somewhere to go.”

He didn’t answer, not right off. Then, “I’ve told you, I can’t even remember how many times, you’re always welcome in my home, in The Ranchlands. We’ve had long discussions about the seven roads, and how I got picked to take care of you, if there was ever a time when you needed it.”

   * * * * *

I’m trying to shake some words loose for Tau Scorpii as well, but I don’t know when.  It’s in the works, for certain.  I keep mentioning Cascadia and never giving you a snippet.  I’m rude.

The Wildblood: Trilogy One is out now, and just for kicks, The Vista is 99¢ for September.  You know this, follow the links or click on the pretty picture!


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      1. And how! My health-problem riddled middle-aged self would like to go back and kick my younger self square in the pants, mostly for not appreciating the fact that she was so damn strong and didn’t even know it! I don’t imagine I can blame her for my endocrine system setting itself on fire, but I’d like to give her a kick for being an idiot anyway.


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