09/08/19 WeWriWa


Another week, another 10 sentences.  Seems about my speed of writing lately.  Weirdly enough, there are 3 stories floating around waiting to get typed out.  Watching Carnival Row has made me want to write a story about the fae, too.  I know nothing about them, and if a real plotline starts, I’m afraid I’ll be in for weeks of research.  That’s how I roll.  (PS – my kids told me to never say that again.  It’s not cool.)

Oh, heck!  Check out the WeWriWa page (follow the graphic)!  There are always entertaining snippets to be found.  Snippet Sunday too.  Here’s the C&P blurb.  I need to write a real one, but those are just hideous to deal with.  So, this.

 * * * * *

This is a bit from a WIP Wildblood book yet to be named.  It follows after the trilogy, but is a stand alone novel.

The Gen En Shannon Allen, has sworn to protect her home.  After recent tragedies, she is more determined than ever to discover the secrets kept from her all her life.  Her kind, the genetically enhanced, the Altered, are being hunted, they have been since World War Last.  Venturing out into the post-apocalyptic world is dangerous.  Ignoring the truth about the Altered could be deadly.

Shannon is have a discussion, off the record, with her superior officers, determined not to show her human side, not to let them pull up tell-tale emotions.

* * * * *

Did you kill Vance?” Haines asked bluntly.


Did Cmdr. Wade?”

Has it occurred to you, the same group that ambushed us might have been fleeing Estes Park for a reason – Vance being that reason?” Shan put to them.

And you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?” Cameron added. He didn’t want to think Wade might have done it, but he knew it was possible.

It wouldn’t be the first time,” she said.

You’re very nonchalant about this, Capt. Allen,” Haines pointed out.

It’s actually the opposite of that, Chairman Haines. Six days ago, everything in my world stopped.”

 * * * * *

So, there it is.  Working title is Outliers: A Wildblood Novel(la?).  The stories between the other stories.  It might get another name, or a number later, I’ll worry about that when it’s time to find an editor.  At the front of the line, right now; Tau Scorpii is here, and Cascadia.  Plus, if you see someone sneaking around Pinterest looking at fae art, it’s not me!

A promo.  The Vista is on sale this month.  I may actually get to move this year, so there is no set timeline now.  This is my life.  No set schedule.  I don’t mind.


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