#8Sunday WeWriWa 05/21/17

A dash through here to get some words posted!  Check out the WeWriWa Blog to find all the amazing authors participating.


This snippet introduces new characters. It was bound to happen, I suppose, even with the vast amount I already have. The world of The Wildblood is desolate, dangerous, twenty-some years after a biological and nuclear war put an end to civilization. Trying to rebuild is far from simple.

This is a group from Cody (via The Vista)making their way out in the world. Next stop – the Platte River Center, a well-established city on the newly discovered trade route. DeTessa Jardin is an Elder of the city, and in charge of dealing with newcomers. The Many Mothers, from Mad Max: Fury Road, were in the back of my mind as I created her. So now, both versions of that movie have influenced the series.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Trading is a good endeavor; humans need to learn to build each other up, not break each other down, not to destroy each other. Do you think we’ve learned that lesson?” she asked Cassie.

“I don’t know, I hope so,” Cassie mulled it over. “What do you think?”

DeTessa patted her handgun. “I think humans are intrinsically violent, war-mongering creatures. I also think they have a vast, and unlimited capacity to learn. It remains to be seen how long it takes, and even then, there will always be those that refuse to evolve, and force the hand of those who try.”

“What can we do?”

“We keep trying.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Book 3 is moving along. I’ve stopped setting deadlines for myself, because it’s pointless. When a release date solidifies, I’ll share! The graphic takes you to my newly redesigned website, with many links to my available books.


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