WeWriWa 06/12/16

My blog is still not working correctly, and it looks like that’s the way it’s going to be.

In the meantime, check out WeWriWa for blogs that don’t mess up, and contain some fun, wild, complicated, and amazing snippets from other writers that know what they’re doing!  Just click the picture.


And now a few words from me.  This is from Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood.  It’s a bit of a conversation my MCs have while they’re miles apart, angry at the world, and each other.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“That’s not my point. I’m going to go find those places we only imagine exist.  I don’t have to have permission from anyone and neither do you. We’re not prisoners.  If you aren’t afraid of the Council, of Command, you should do the same thing,” Wade challenged.

I’ve got Cody to run, because you dropped that job on me when you left,” Mac disagreed. “Priorities.”

Damned right,” Shan said, adding her commentary.

I understand whatever decision you make; I’ve already made mine.” Wade got the last word in, as usual, their contact breaking into three distinct parts before it faded away.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also, The Vista will be getting a new cover sometime this year.  While I love the art of the original, it’s been brought to my attention that a thumbnail version (which is what everyone sees) just isn’t working.  For now, a temporary cover.  The link goes to Amazon, but it’s available on all formats here.

Have a great week!




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