WeWriWa 12/13/15

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My sentences, a continuation of the conversation from last week. This is from Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood, by S. A. Hoag, due to be released in Feb., 2016.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He said Rafe launched the ICBM and he detonated it seconds later,” Shan argued

Has it occurred to you, Vance might have lied?”

Every moment of the day. Why would Rafe go to the trouble of launching a dead missile, then detonate it before it reached a target?”

Did you and Wade see it?”

Shannon blinked.

Vance is a fifth generation,” JT pointed out the error in her thinking.

Rafe detonated it; he knew we’d see it.” The realization surprised her. Of all the scenarios she’d played in her mind, that wasn’t one of them.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More next week!  You can check out book one in the series.




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