Prelude – Backlash

In anticipation of a new book in the series early next year, I’m doing a teaser with the prequel, Backlash.  I’ve neglected promoting it as much as The Vista, but I think it holds its own.  Reviews are always welcome, as are comments.  Here’s a teaser.  Read on, for a snippet from the WIP as well!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She was quiet again, head against the seat, a faint static buzz in the back of her mind. Neither were attempting contact, but the connection was there. Sometimes it lingered; sometimes it was a whisper they couldn’t quite hear. All three of them felt it on occasion. Simply put, Mac hadn’t figured out how to respond.

Then she was fully awake, feeling like she’d had cold water thrown on her. Taylor had gone into the depot and she was sitting in the car, alone, in the dark. Scooting to the driver’s side she flung the door open. “Kyle, move it!”

He did, sprinting out and throwing himself into the seat as she gunned the engine, sending gravel flying across the empty lot. Taylor snapped on his safety belt, swearing under his breath. “Code call?” he asked, not hearing any radio traffic.

Not yet,” she said. “Give it a few seconds.”

A cold chill ran up his spine. “Should you be driving?”

Yes I should. Knowing what’s happening twenty miles away doesn’t affect my driving abilities.”

What’s happening?”

Code Eight, Glen cutoff,” someone called, out-of-breath, answering Taylor’s question.

Code Eight, we’re under fire at Glen,” another officer radioed in, shouting. “There’s at least a dozen Nomads, north and south of my position.”

Shit,” Taylor exhaled.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood will be available in Feb., 2016.

 Backlash is free in all formats.



And, of course, The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That promised teaser from Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood.  It’s a WIP, release date tentatively set for early 2016.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If they order us back, we don’t have a big damned choice in the matter,” Mac pointed out. “Avoiding this isn’t going to make it go away.”

For this summer, it will,” Wade disagreed. “Because they can call everyone back and we’ll never know why they didn’t tell us about Estes Park. Vance claims he’s never had contact with us before but when he says it, I’ve got alarms sounding in my brain that says otherwise. We’re being lied to from both ends and you’re letting them get away with it.”

I’m saying, let’s go find out why from the source, from Council,” Mac countered. “Hiding isn’t going to get us answers, just more double-talk and denial.”

Shannon shook her head, not liking the sound of them fighting. It knotted her stomach and gave her a headache. “We’re not hiding anywhere. We’re going to go see what’s out here, if it’s safe or not.”

Safe isn’t you, Shannon,” Mac said. “You know it’s not.”

Things are different now. I nearly lost both of you in the last few month,” Shan reminded them.

So you’re going to go wander the Front Range for Wade and see if you can stir up more trouble?” Mac challenged.

That’s not the plan.” Shan was only aware of small parts of the plan and wouldn’t freely admit it.

We need to get our people out of The Vista and out of Estes Park, move them here, and dig in.” Mac shook his head, out of words. “Then the three of us go see Council for answers.”

The Council isn’t going to give us those answers,” Wade said, calmer than Mac.

They knew all along,” Mac said. “They could have warned us.”

A programmed military assassin could be waiting in the next town we explore too, but what’s the chance of that happening twice?” Wade asked him.

What was the chance of it happening once?” Mac came back.

You want to stay in Cody, you go ahead and do that. I’m not waiting around here.” Wade was finished arguing the point.

Stop influencing what she does,” Mac emphasized.

I have no control over that,” Wade said.

You tell her what you think is out there and then she wants to go look for herself. I’ve seen you do it,” Mac accused.

Shannon, am I ever that subtle when I want you to do Scout work?”

Shan straightened up, hands on her hips. “You’re not subtle,” she told Wade. “And you’re not subtle,” she directed at Mac. “I’m not subtle. Case closed. I’m not getting in the middle of a pissing contest between the two of you either. I just, no.” She stalked out of the room, without saying another word.

Mac rubbed his eyes. “We accomplished a hell of a lot today.”

Wade gave it a few moments. “We’ll check in again on our regular schedule. I have rookies to get through orientation, because I think my logistics officer is out for the rest of the day.”

You think?” Mac asked, clearly angry.

Don’t report any of our squabbles to The Vista, to Command. It’s trivial,” Wade said, wise enough not to make it an order. They were both Commanders.

I hadn’t planned on it. You know how to contact us if you need anything. Cody Base, out.” A moment later, the screen went to gray.

The rookies had sense enough to keep quiet. Green didn’t have to, he didn’t have that luxury. “You managed to piss them both off.”

It’s easier than it looks,” Wade offered, unhappy about it and having no snap cure for their current disagreement. “Go shadow her, make sure she doesn’t get herself in to trouble with Vance. I want to start running flights and we need his cooperation.”

Green shrugged, taking a hand-held radio off the table as he left.

And that happens when you work closely with the same people over long periods of time with no break,” Wade said to the rookies. “No, it’s nothing to worry about. Team Three is Team Three and we have a plan. Several parts to a plan, actually, to get scouting done south and east of here. I hope none of you have an aversion to flying.”

None of them did

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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