Things That Annoy Me

#1 – Being 550 words in to a new story and having my OpenOffice act like its gone insane.  Saved, sure, after removing random formatting and replacing random letters with what looks like oriental letters.  I kid you not.

#2 – The update for OpenOffice taking nearly an hour to get it together and install.  My computer is an i5, this isn’t my fault.  ~headdesk~

#3 – Looking at aforementioned 550 words two hours on and thinking “Well great, I’ve lost that train-of-thought.  I think I’ll go watch ‘Knights of Badassdom’.”

#4 – Laughing at ‘Knights of Badassdom’ because I understand everything they’re doing.

#5 – Later, wondering why it takes me so long to write openings.

Edited for #6 – Finding a Trojan hiding in my computer.  That explains a lot.  Malwarebytes took care of it.

I love/hate this obsession.  A lot.

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