Editing and Other Wacky Things

Jim is my Technical Editor/Critiquer.  He opens the .rtf with the first 177 pages and a minute later says “Page 2”.  At this point, if the laptop wasn’t right there, I’d be completing a ~headdesk~.  It was minor.  So was the thing on Page 3 and Page 20.  At this point he remarks that something chapters further on has never set well and we’re off to check that out.

Sure enough, there’s a problem.  Again, nothing big but it needed attention and now it’s fixed.  How he sees these things is beyond me because I’ve read it a thousand times and never spotted the errors.

He just smiles when I swear under my breathe.  I’m Italian and Irish, it’s stress relief for me.

55 pages down.

2 thoughts on “Editing and Other Wacky Things

  1. You don’t see these things *because* you’ve read your work a million times. Your mind substitutes the correct word, punctuation, resolution, etc. because that connection has already been made in your brain. You need that second pair of eyes, so be very thankful you have a Jim!

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