Another Week, Another Month – Another Book!

A snippet, then promos! This is from Bloodlines. I’ve been busy co-ordinating covers for the trilogy so I can move on to Tau Scorpii and get that finished before autumn. After that, the follow-up of Outliers: Team Two, working title Outliers: Texas. Yes, I’m going there!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a nightmare; she knew it, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The fear was already there. Shan could hear voices outside, somewhere. They were angry voices, arguing and shouting. She moved to the window, recognizing the room as one of the private chambers for Council on the second floor of City Hall. The view west revealed Station Two, burning, and a bonfire in the street out front. People were fighting, baseball bats, 2×4s, anything they could find. Someone was shooting randomly from the rooftop of the old bank.

“Get away from the window,” a disembodied voice warned.

There was no one else in the room. Shan turned to look. It was pitch black and empty, creaking like old buildings do.

Fire in the Station was spreading upwards, glass breaking, smoke whipping in the air like there was a wind, but there wasn’t. She went back to the scene unfolding, knowing a group of Vistans were about to come out of the bank and confront the Scavengers en masse. Security had re-enacted the scenario with trainees over the years, showing them how things could go wrong, and how things could go right, in the middle of an attack.

“I said, get away from the window,” Rafe growled, striding into the room. He grabbed her by the hair, dragging her back towards the blackness beyond the doorway.

It was like she was in water, moving in slow motion, trying to fight back, to break away. He spun her around, hand on her throat.

A brilliant flash of light from outside drew their attention, and he released his grip on her. The light grew until it blotted out everything else. They both stared, watching as it faded. Shan knew what it was, knew it was the warhead on Missouri Breaks. Then the people outside began screaming. The windows shattered inwards.

Outliers is a new release, I haven’t changed the price yet, it’s still 99c. Grab it now!

2 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Month – Another Book!

  1. Hi Sheila!
    Outliers #1 is terrific! Congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading it! But no hurries from us, ok yes, there are hurries lol. But seriously, no rush. You write at your pace, without pressure, my dear. We will be just sitting outside your hone waiting for you to come out with Outliers #2 in your hands! 😂

    Take care. Stay blessed. 🧡🙏

    Love. Light.


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    1. I have free time now, despite a few things in Real Life. I’m getting writing done again. I’ve actually started on Outliers 2, and have plenty of ideas for 2 more in The Wildblood series. Tau Scorpii is coming up fast, and it’s an all another world for me to mess with. I hope you enjoy Outliers. The next one has more actions, as I’m sending them to Texas!

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