WeWriWa 10/11/2020

Pop on over to the WeWriWa blog to find a whole pageful of awesome authors willing to share their words in process with you. It’s fun!

Outliers is in the final stages before I send it off to few Beta Readers. I’ve never done this before, but my editors don’t do that anymore. We’ll see how it works out. If possible, there will be a release date in November; if not, I’m probably going to wait until February. Other authors have said Dec. & Jan. aren’t good months for new releases. I’ll hate waiting that long with a finished book sitting here!

The other good news is that Tau Scorpii is up next, and not too far from being ready to go to the Betas. After that, I’m not really certain which book-to-be will worm its way out next. We shall see.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Because someone asked – Wade and everyone else involved, called himself and his team ‘Gen En’, genetically enhanced or genetically engineered, because all the information about the Altered had been purged from the libraries and archives in The Vista in the first years after the war. They didn’t know what else to call it.)

You know what happened in The Wildblood: Trilogy One, but what are the stories you don’t know? Outliers explores parts of The Wildblood world kept hidden, the stories yet to be told.

A generation after World War 3, children of the survivors struggle to overcome the all-too-human penchant to fight with each other. The only thing more dangerous than the people you don’t know, are the people you do know.

Team Two – The first book explores Capt. Shannon Allen and Team Two, Capt. Damon Green and Maj. Mick Ballentyne; their efforts to hide the secrets of The Vista and its Altered, the genetically engineered humans, while remaining loyal to the oaths they swore to protect their home. The Vista is no longer alone in the world, and the world is a complicated place.

This novel is a segue between The Wildblood: Trilogy One and the upcoming stand-alone novels.

(This is Shannon and Ballentyne discussing the dangers of having a secret biomedical lab practically sitting in their backyard.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Do you understand what Rock Creek was?” Shan stopped as soon as they were clear of the entryway.

“It was a bio warfare lab that, among other things, altered the genetics of human DNA, both before and after conception,” Ballentyne had a quick answer.

“It was a biogenetic facility until it was evacuated sometime in the summer of 2027, weeks or maybe months before the war, we don’t have good information from that particular time. The Altered in hiding were aware and started re-purposing it almost immediately,” Shan headed in to what looked like the main room, lights flickering on. “They set the security devices for their own means, and we aren’t clear on that, either.”

“Good to know,” he said, following her. “Why would they evacuate?”

“Because the area is so remote; good when there’s a lot of people, bad when there is not, for the most part. The fail-safe isn’t something our Security installed -Haven did.”

“Haven – I’ve heard that before,” he remembered, and it wasn’t good things.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So off they are, in places they shouldn’t go, doing things they were told not to. You wouldn’t read about boring, complacent people, now would you?? Here’s the promo of the week.

7 thoughts on “WeWriWa 10/11/2020

  1. LOVE this! I’m always keen for stories where people are trying to rediscover the past and they know just enough to get themselves in trouble. Great snippet…On the topic of when to publish, I wouldn’t hold back on a book that was ready for two months. There’s equally as much argument FOR releasing in January because people have new e-readers and/or gift certificates to spend…I release when my book is ready and move on to my next book, but that’s me!

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