#8Sunday WeWriWa 10/15/17

Check out the WeWriWa blog for more authors offering to share a snippet of their work.  I’ve found many amazing books there.


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  A few things have happened, writing-wise.  First, I’ve put Bloodlines on hold.  The storyline simply wasn’t going anywhere, and those characters have a lot to do, in that last book of the trilogy.  I can’t even guarantee there won’t be future books in that particular world.  So, later, after I have a chance to figure out where it went off.

Next, Tau Scorpii is on deck.  Descendants of humans, on another world, far, far away.  It’s a barbaric place, and the seasons are about to change.  No one alive has seen the springtime, and they don’t know what to expect.  Neither do the other transplanted species, some of those being not-so-friendly types.  In first draft, so, there’s that.

Taryn is a female ranger, her job consisting mostly of boring things that keep her village working smoothly.  Animal husbandry, botany, farming, the list of necessities she keeps herself busy with.  Not to mention hidden.  Some of her enemies are human.

On a venture beyond her territory, she stumbles upon a band of Caerule, the massive, fanged, and ruthless predators that rule the High Desert.  Indications are, they’re about to invade the human territories.  They take no prisoners, unless it’s for a short game of hunter and hunted.  If the human clans can’t agree on how to stop the threat, they’ll all become the hunted.

I swear, this is an actual Science Fiction Romance.  Really.  This is Taryn and Garrett, as they attempt to play hide and seek with his captors.  He is not, not, not the ‘R’ in this, but he is certainly a main character.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I didn’t say I was a Ranger.”

But you are, or you wouldn’t be out here, by yourself, worrying about the Minets. Or me.” They reached the edge of the ridge, and easily slid to the bottom. He stood to brush the sand away. It was an educated guess. She was carefully disguised in heavy desert garb, certainly female, with dark hair tied back tightly, and pretty, pale eyes somewhere between blue and green.

Taryn had judged right, he was a full head-span taller than her, older, too, by half her age or close to it. Not old, by any account. One of those predators he warned her about, she suspected.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More next week, as I get into some secrets and some surprises.  You can find The Wildblood books at my website.

9 thoughts on “#8Sunday WeWriWa 10/15/17

  1. Don’t you hate it when a story won’t behave! Best of luck taming it after a little time off. Like where this new scene is going. It’s filling with uneasiness and questions of motives . . . my favorite things!

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  2. I coul’ve sworn I’d replied earlier but my comment seems to have diappeared so please excuse me if I appear to have commented twice! Great snippet – and I sympathise about the characters. Mine nevere do what I tell them eitherm LOL!

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  3. After you’ve let the story sit for a while, maybe it will behave. Or not. LOL This snippet sounds really interesting. I feel the tension. Good job.

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  4. I like the dynamic between them, even though I can’t tell from this little bit whether he’s a good main character or a baddie.

    Sorry for being tardy to comment. Blame *#@!@ LAX for getting me home a day late.

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