SFR Brigade May 2017 Showcase


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This month, a new book, one that will actually have the ‘R’ in SFR. I don’t know if it will be ‘R’ rated yet or not. All this is in first draft, subject to typos, and revisions.

Tau Scorpii: Book 1

When Taryn rescues another human from a marauding band of Caeruleum, she knows they won’t be happy that their hunting party was interrupted. She also knows, the male human is as likely to be as angry and unforgiving as his former captors. On Sedna, the desert isn’t safe for aliens. The catch is, most species on the planet are alien, including humans.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He might already be dead.

Taryn watched from the relative safety of the standing stones until the riders had moved away, knowing she was invisible, for now, in the stark landscape. The Caeruleum were known in the Near Desert for their love of hunting humans, and one of the group was certainly human. He hadn’t lasted long, in the mid-morning heat. They drug him across the sand, another two or three thousand paces, before the smaller captives began falling, forcing the caravan to stop.

Their solar-powered machines, dune crawlers, were common transportation, for those that could afford them, or steal them. This batch was varied, some three-wheeled, and some with only two, a few with windshields, a couple ready to fall apart in a strong wind, sitting out in the open, batteries charging. By the time Tau Scorpii B set, the marauders would have at least two feedings and one sleep. If they continued to move north, the captives were doomed to a life of slavery. A short life, in most cases. The human, even shorter, as they’d set him off on his own, before they continued on. They’d tracked him, kill him, and be on their way. It was routine, what they lived for. Find prey that could put up a fight, and hunt it.

Sedna had hundreds of non-indigenous species scattered across its massive continents, but no native ones. Humans, as the storytellers claimed, had been placed there a few generations earlier. Long enough to become acclimated, short time enough to remember where they came from. They were the only sentient species to give the Caeruleum a real challenge.

The standing stones marked the boundary of territory they claimed. She’d been looking for migration signs that signaled the start of spring, when the drama unfolded. Being familiar with the area, Taryn thought she had a fair to good chance of being able to sneak into the camp, and at least see if the human lived. After they ate, and well after they started into a sleep cycle. It would be up to him, if he would run or submit to his fate. Some males were particularly stupid, when it came to hiding from dangerous things.

desert sunset

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