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Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday – snippets of stories you should check out.

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And now, a few lines from my WIP, working title ‘The Blackout’, a prequel novella to The Vista, available now on Amazon. This is a rough draft, comments always welcomed.

(Shannon is days away from becoming a Security Officer, one with a secret. Mick is aware of what she is. They are not a couple, he is her mentor. Things in The Vista are about to get scary.

I’m practicing descriptions of characters, not wanting them to sound stale or silly. So there’s this.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I think there’s more to the world than just us. I think our parents have forgotten that.” Barely seventeen, she had a lot of opinions. Being very smart as well, Shannon was aware not all of those opinions would pan out to be correct. “Someday,” she said, throwing her pack in the back seat and taking the opportunity to stretch. “Some of us should go find out. Unofficially.” Tall for a girl, she was lithe and more than pretty; dark hair, fair-skinned with eyes that looked green and occasionally gray. Any day she was on-duty, she carried a pair of Sig Sauer 9mms, left hip and right shoulder.

“Are you going to bring that up to Security Command?” Mick wondered. He towered better than a half foot taller than her. Mahogany skin, black hair and green eyes, he’d been a Scout four years. By next spring he planned to be on a Guardian Team, internal Security for The Vista, rather than driving circles in the mountains. At thirty, he figured he was too old to be doing the hard footwork of a Scout.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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