I’ve posted some of this before, but it sets the tone for the entire book, concerning Shannon and Hunter. Let’s face it, no relationship is perfect. They have some unique problems, and eventually might come up with some unique ways to solve those problems. Or they’ll yell at each other.

Here’s a snippet from Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood, due out this year.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You’re not wearing body armor,” Hunter observed.

She glared at him, dropping her canteen and clamping her mouth shut instead of saying something rude.

He knew that look. “And you’re pissed at me. Because I kissed you?”

For a moment, Shan was astonished. “You think that’s why I’m angry?” She put her hands on her hips, only accentuating the fact she was mad, and that she wasn’t wearing body armor.

“Apparently, no. What did I do wrong?” Hunter asked, leery.

“You could have asked me to come with you, when you left Estes Park.”

“You told me not to.”

“I might have alluded to it. The point is, you should have asked.” Shan was frustrated. He wasn’t like the other men she knew, the ones she’d grown up around. She had no trouble expressing herself to the select few of Team Three’s inner circle, or talking them in to things.

There was no winning the argument, he knew from past experience. “What about Mac?”

“Mac?” she repeated, puzzled.

“Tall guy. Wears a cowboy hat, watches a lot of old movies when he’s off-duty. You two are . . . involved.”

Folding her arms, she sighed. “I forget, sometimes. You think my relationship with Mac has some bearing on my relationship with you. It doesn’t.”

“Maybe not for you,” Hunter corrected. “And maybe not for him. I have trouble working around that.”

“I don’t even know how to respond,” Shan decided after a moment.

“What did you mean, make it worth your time?”

“Exactly what you think.”

Hunter folded his arms, waiting, knowing her better than that.

“There are times I really despise that . . . smug look,” she folded her arms, daring him to respond.

He held his ground, silently.

“Fine. You’re right, I didn’t mean it, I meant I’m happy to see you and hope like hell you’re happy to see me. I’d never try to dictate your morals or emotions to you and if someone gave me an ultimatum like that I’d . . .” she shrugged, knowing he was aware of her reactions.

“There it is,” Hunter said. “You’d slap someone trying to pressure you into a situation you weren’t comfortable with. At least a slap. And yes, I’m happy to see you. I wasn’t expecting to see another Vistan until damned near this winter.” Any further discussion about Mac was off-limits because he was their ace-in-the-hole. Hunter was aware of why they weren’t together and it had everything to do with genetics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Teaser Tuesday

A Teaser Tuesday snippet from my WIP Renegades; Book 2 of The Wildblood.

I’ve never written in great detail how the abilities Team Three posses works. I’ve had it set in my mind, and tiny hints here and there in the books (Backlash & The Vista, prequel and Book 1, respectively). Renegades will get in to a lot more detail. This is a scene with all three attempting to have a conversation while they’re hundreds of miles apart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You knew Wade didn’t have permission from Command to go to Colorado,” Mac said first, a statement rather than a question.

In the back of his thoughts, it was a question. Shannon could sense it. “I never asked,” she confessed. “I’m the most junior member of Command and at this point, it’s better to shut up and observe than accuse.”

“I haven’t, and I won’t until I can talk to him.”

“Good idea. So talk.” Shan was in Estes Park and it was past midnight, again. She was pacing the floor of her quarters, trying to see things that weren’t visible to the other Vistans.

Mac was asleep in his apartment, in Cody. She could taste the Scotch he’d medicated himself with to enhance the effect.

Wade was far from sleep and far from alone, somewhere in central Colorado.

“Ask him,” she repeated, drawing Mac’s focus. That was the difficult thing, getting focus where all three of them could communicate. For a few moments, there was fog and confusion. Wade drew them together, a bright pinpoint of that focus they lacked.

It dissolved, leaving Team Three sitting together in the dayroom of Station Two. “It’s easier to visualize something you’re familiar with,” Wade explained, sipping coffee from a chipped ceramic cup. They sat across from him, sans coffee or any other sort of libation. Just as well, considering. It would be another distraction.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Renegades is going to explore team members personal lives more intimately as well, along with new places and characters. I’m aiming for a February, 2016 release.

In the meantime, there’s Backlash – on sale for 99¢!


And The Vista, also on sale this month.


Both are available in several formats.

Teaser Tuesday

I think I missed last week – I’ll try not to let that happen again.

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Now for the teaser. It’s from my WIP called Backlash, a prequel novella to The Vista. Due to be released in June, 2015. A cover reveal will be happening soon.

No intro needed really, it’s part of a car chase.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Want to drive?” Taylor asked.

“Where are we?” Shannon sat up peering out into the darkness.

“We’ll be turning around at the Dillon exit in about five minutes. Gas it, switch off and I’ll get in a nap.”

“I wasn’t asleep.” Dressed in winter camos over body armor, they could’ve been twins. At any distance, she was indiscernible from her male counterparts.

“It looked that way to me,” he smirked.

“I was talking to Wade.”

That made him think twice about it, raising an eyebrow. “Alright, you win that one, Shan. What’s going on?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista is available at Amazon now.

Cover art by Joe Kawano.


Teaser Tuesday

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And now, a Teaser for Tuesday. This is from The Vista.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It always started the same. Shan could hear the helicopters, feel the beat of their blades against the cold morning air, somewhere far in the distance. It only sounded like one, but she knew there were two. After a few moments, she realized she wasn’t at Depot South. They were UH-60s, Black Hawks, painted in desert camo with no other markings. One was armed with a pair of M60 machine guns, the other had a TOW missile system. Security hadn’t been able to lure them away. She was in The Vista. The helicopters had found them.

Thrashing around, she sat up, going for her gun hanging from the bedpost. And it was over just as fast. Shan was shaking, from the cold and from the nightmare. It was sometime long past dark. It had woke Wade too, and she knew he was home in The Vista. She waited, wrapping the blanket around herself. Moments later, Mac was there. He didn’t bother to knock.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista, available now on Amazon.


Teaser Tuesday

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And now, one of the choices for my final draft of the cover to ‘The Vista’ This is the full color version and not the one I picked. Art by Joe Kawano. The final cover will be revealed within a few days, and hopefully the book will be online by the next Teaser Tuesday!