SFR Brigade Showcase – April

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 Shannon and Mac Get Interviewed!

Q.  Each person gets the chance to reply to an answer.  If you refuse a question, we reserve the right to let the other person ask you anything he/she wants.

Q. Mac – What do you know about Shannon that no one else does?

Mac – Well, occasionally others might become aware of this because she’s pretty vocal about it.

Shan – You better be careful what you say next.

Mac – Shannon is afraid of bugs.  The ones that can fly around.

Shan – He’s right. I don’t like things that fly at you and bite.

Q.  What scares you about Mac?

Shan – Sometimes he does things without considering the consequences.  He’ll jump in a fight and take a beating, just so he can say he did it.

Mac – To be fair, when I do  those things, you’re right there with me.

Shan – Someone has to cover your back.

Mac – I can take care of myself.

Shan – That’s not how I remember things.

Q. – Next question.  Mac, what are your goals in life?

Mac – I’d like things in The Vista to be more secure.  We’ve learned a few things recently that make me question how safe we are.  Beyond that, I’d like to find a place to live where I don’t have to worry about things from the past.  I might settle down some day.  I might head out and see what’s in the world.

Q.  Shan – Who is your best friend?

Shan – Wade.

Q.  Would you care to elaborate?

Shan – Not particularly.  That’s just the way it is.  People can speculate on it any way they want.

Q. Mac – What do you think other people think of you?

Mac – That I’m the easy one in Team Three to get along with.  In most cases, that’s true enough.  Rumors make for a lot of speculation, and civilians might have the impression I don’t take my job as serious as I should.  Other Security officers know better.

Q. Shannon – If you could live in another time, where and when would it be?

Shan  – That’s not possible.

Q. It’s a hypothetical question.  If.

Shan – The 1960’s seemed interesting.  There were a lot of changes happening.  A lot of history being made.

Q.  Both of you – Team Three is together, Team Three isn’t together, it’s been hit and miss for a year now.  What do you foresee in the immediate future?

Shan – We have unfinished business, in The Vista, in Estes Park.  It’s time we confront those problems and deal with them.  No one’s going to do it for us, and we certainly don’t want anyone to try.

Mac – Let’s not forget about Cody.  We have that now, and we need to keep it.  It’s easy to forget how vulnerable a place can be, especially a new place.  I agree, that we need to go home, too.  That’s the important thing to remember.  We’ll do what we have to, protecting The Vista.  I think we’ve already proven that.

Q. Any last words of advice?

Shan – Don’t trust anyone that didn’t come out of The Vista with you.

Mac – Out in the badlands, not everyone is who you think they are.  In fact, no one is.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood by S. A. Hoag – Coming in 2016!

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood by S. A. Hoag – available now.


SFR Brigade Showcase – Welcome Back!

Ah, autumn, my favorite time of the year. This week, the SFR Brigade is back from summer break will its Showcase. Want to read lots of fun blogs and find reading material that won’t leave you bored? Check here first!


The Wildblood Series –

Part of the first generation post-World War 3, Shannon Allen, Alex MacKenzie, and Geoffrey Wade are Team Three, Vista Security’s top officers. They know they are different, far beyond their elite training. It’s a secret the struggle to contain in the microcosm that is The Vista.

Problem is, there’s something out there, just beyond The Vista, watching them.

As Vista Security, they are sworn to protect; as Security Command, Team Three may be forced to break those oaths to save everything they’ve ever known.

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood series takes place in the near-future where the Earth has been mostly emptied of humans by a short and devastating world war. Venturing beyond the safety of their valley may be the best move Security has ever made; it’s absolutely the most dangerous.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This Showcase is going to be all about that new book. True, it won’t be release until February, but with the holidays here, that time is going to zoom by. So here’s a snippet from the WIP Renegades; Book 2 of The Wildblood.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You want to stay in Cody, you go ahead and do that. I’m not waiting around here.” Wade was finished arguing the point.

“Stop influencing what she does,” Mac emphasized.

“I have no control over that,” Wade said.

“You tell her what you think is out there and then she wants to go look for herself. I’ve seen you do it,” Mac accused.

“Shannon, am I ever that subtle when I want you to do Scout work?”

Shan straightened up, hands on her hips. “You’re not subtle,” she told Wade. “And you’re not subtle,” she directed at Mac. “I’m not subtle. Case closed. I’m not getting in the middle of a pissing contest between the two of you either. I just . . . no.” She stalked out of the room, without saying another word.

Mac rubbed his eyes. “We accomplished a hell of a lot today.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sorry so short. I’m just getting to the juicy parts. A love triangle. Ghosts (of sorts) following my MCs. Discovering the world left after World War Last. I’m certain something will get blown up, too. If you’re interested in reading more, follow the links. Backlash is the prequel and The Vista is Book 1 of The Wildblood series.