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Ah! It’s that time again, for a SFFS post. First – the blog that started it all. Go have a peek.

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And now, a few lines from my WIP. It’s the 2nd book in The Wildblood series and I expect to have it out in December, 2015. It doesn’t have a name yet, just Book 2.

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“This is one of three air bursts,” Vance said, pointing to the video monitor. It was aimed east twenty miles and recording. Wade would look at it later. The grouping of buildings was isolated and more than that, destroyed. Melted, irradiated, and nothing remained that looked like it had ever been occupied by a human being.

“Rocky Flats,” Shan said carefully. There were no ghosts, no remnants of the past, crowding into her thoughts. She was glad for that, having firsthand experience with a nuclear detonation. This place was . . . null.

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The prequel novella, Backlash, is available now. Because it’s a new release, I have it listed at Amazon for 99 cents, for a limited time.


The Vista (Book 1) is also available at Amazon.


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#SFFSAT – A Drive-By Snippet

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Be sure to check out all the authors offering up some weekend reading.

Backlash, the prequel novella to The Vista, will be available June 22, so naturally I’m going with a scene from that. This one is where they discover exactly what they’re up against. Sorry, no spoilers!

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“Did you see it?” Wade asked quietly, but not so quietly the others couldn’t hear him.

“Yeah,” Shan frowned, too stunned to even swear. “What do we do now?”

“What did you see?” Taylor interrupted, impatient.

Wade stood up, still figuring it all out as well. He looked at Shan and she nodded in a silent agreement. “One, or was there two?”

Mac offered her a hand up and she took it, dusting her backside off while she thought about it. “Two,” she finally answered. “There are two of them. We need to get to The Vista and get in the armory, now.”

“For what?” Mac spoke up.

“RPGs,” Shan answered. “We need RPGs.”

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The Vista is available now at Amazon and Kobo.

#SFFSat – Snippet Time

You can find other great snippets, every weekend, right here –

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Now, right to a snippet. This is from The Vista. The topic of discussion is my main characters and how problematic they have become.

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“Two?” Cooper repeated. “Are two a concern?”

“These two are,” JT said.

Cooper put together conversations he’d heard. “Are these the ones in Montana?”

JT and Vance nodded. “Except sometimes they aren’t in Montana,” Vance continued. “Sometimes they wander about to see the sights. We try to keep tabs on them, but clearly it’s not an easy thing to do because of a lot of reasons, not the least being distance, weather and the fact they are active.”

“And that’s why we’re here,” JT said.

“Where are they now?” Cooper asked.

“If the weather stays good, you could probably have lunch with them tomorrow,” Vance said.

“Ah, Christ, tell me they aren’t snooping around NORAD,” JT groaned.

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The Vista by S. A. Hoag (hey, that’s me!)
is available now at Amazon and Kobo


Also, Backlash, the prequel novella has a release date of June 22, 2015! You’ll be able to find it here and on my Website

SFFSat! and a Release Date

It’s that time again! Check out the wonderful authors showcasing some of their works here.

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My snippet – this is a draft and is subject to revisions, of course. Team Three is neck-deep in hostile raiders and the concern is about how a rookie might react to the events transpiring. Backlash is the prequel to The Vista and tentative release date is June 22, 2015.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Officer Allen, I’d prefer if you take my car and go watch the access road for our reinforcements,” Wade told her.

She squinted at the fading fire beyond the trees. “No, Wade, I can’t,” Shan told him, quietly enough Green barely heard it.

“Are you sure? One of them will talk. It could get bloody here and I don’t want that blood on your hands.”

“It’s your call,” she told him. “If I left and more of them showed, that would be my responsibility; leaving you without backup.”

“Never a word, not even to Mac.”

She tilted her head, signaling she understood.

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The Vista is available now at
Amazon and Kobo


Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday – A Snippet

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Check out other amazing SF & F authors here. They’re a talented bunch! Oh, and Happy Birthday SFFS! 4 years old.

Now a snippet from my WIP, Backlash. This is a prequel novella to The Vista, but it’s a standalone as well. This bit is a fight-or-flight scene, when it turns out there isn’t really a choice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nomads came out of the shadows. The one closest to Shan swung at her head with a length of PVC pipe and she had enough time to throw her hands up in defense. The brunt of the blow hit her left arm and she went down, trying to roll away from her attacker. She caught a glimpse of Green, disarmed and putting up a fight against two of them. The good news was that he was a hand-to-hand combat trainer; the bad news was that he was already injured.

“This one’s a girl,” the Nomad brandishing a pipe at her announced.

“Then don’t damage her, you idiot,” one of the pair attempting to take down Green yelled back.

Shan took the opportunity to draw her sidearm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can purchase The Vista now through Amazon. Backlash will be available next month!


SFFS – Hunter & Shannon

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This is my first post with SFFS – Hello! I hope to make this a regular stop, as long as I have something new and interesting to post. Today I’ve got a snippet between Hunter and Shannon, 2 parts of an almost love triangle. Yes, it’s complicated. Emotions get that way. As much as The Vista isn’t a romance by definition, it should be. Without it, there’d be no story. So, here it is.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“What do you want me to say, Hunter?” she asked.

“Nothing, I want you to listen.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Later, when this is over, I want you to know if you ever need me, all you have to do is ask. Anything, anytime. I mean that.”

She nodded.

“Will I be your second, when we’re finished in Colorado?”

“I don’t know,” she confessed.

“It doesn’t matter. What I said, I meant.”

They watched the empty valley for awhile, until the wind started. Shan hoped it didn’t mean snow. Hunter hoped it did.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista is available now at Amazon.