WeWriWa 06/09/19

Another Saturday night, another post.  Writing is progressing, although there are three projects bouncing around.  I’m still pushing for Tau Scorpii to be the next release, and currently, it’s in the lead.

Check out WeWriWa & Snippet Sunday if you like reading these intriguing bits of works in progress.  I’ve discovered so fantastic authors here.  My Kindle is happy.


It’s already crazy hot here in the desert, and we’ve had two haboobs in two weeks.  I hope that’s not a pattern.  I like to be able to breathe.  “Move to the desert”, they said.  “It’ll be soooo nice in the winter.”  Right.  We will not discuss June, July & August.

No wonder I’m writing a book about being trapped in the desert, and trying to find a way out.  Luckily for me, the Rocky Mountains are 30 minutes away.  I need a vacation.  Maybe I’ll get one this year.  Wish me luck, good luck,  I’m going to need it the next few weeks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary – Tau Scorpii

  When Taryn rescues another human from a marauding band of Caerule, she is reunited with clansmen from her past. It puts her at odds with their new chieftan, as well as her own partner, a powerful privateer. They discover, there are more imminent problems, ones they cannot control, and must unite to survive. Easier said than done, when each of them are strong-willed, intense, and have their own plans to set in motion.

  Sedna is home to hundreds predatory alien species. Humans are one of them. They’ve been there long enough to adapt, but not so long that all of them have forgotten, it’s not their world. The weather is changing. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Garrett and Ianto are discussing their current dilemma, that the hierarchy of their clan is splintering and a newcomer is making the division happen faster, intentionally or not.  While they are concerned, they also find it amusing, that Skye, a devout bachelor, is firmly confused, frustrated, and intimidated by the situation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You aren’t worried about Taryn?” Garrett had to ask, he’d been wanting to for days.

I’m worried because it’s Taryn,” Ianto said.

She’s as capable as any of my warriors, including you, and including him.”

I have no doubt, I’m still surprised by the fact of who she is. Skye has always blamed himself for what happened, even if it’s baseless.”

Guilt has no reason to it.”

He might overcompensate for it, now – infatuated, interested, it’s there, we’ve both seen it, and it looks mutual.”

It does, and if it is, they’ll figure it out, so what’s your worry?”

You, and him, are plotting to replace me, with her,” Ianto kept a straight face a few moments, before riding off towards the caravan.

She’s a damned sight better to stare at all day, it can be arranged,” Garrett called after him.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alrighty then.  The books in The Wildblood trilogy are on sale for 99c each until sometime Monday, Amazon only, sorry.


WeWriWa 11/11/18

At least WeWriWa keeps me writing – even if it’s only 10 sentences a week!  That’s a joke.  Want to catch more snippets?  Check out the WeWriWa page, there are some awesome authors hanging out there.  Sunday Snippet too!



Ok, let’s do this all over again!  I’m writing a book.  Nifty, huh.  This one, The Myth of SolTerra, (possibly Tau Scorpii Book One) is a Sci-Fi Romance.  Please forgive my creative punctuation.  I’m keeping it to 10 sentences, and I won’t lie, this is a first draft and my punctuation is pretty questionable at this point anyway. 


Blurb – Tau Scorpii

When Taryn rescues another human from a marauding band of Caeruleum, she is reunited with clansmen long believed dead. It puts her at odds with their new chieftan, as well as her own partner, a powerful privateer. They discover, they have a more imminent problem, and must unite to survive.

The weather is changing. They’ll have to fight other species for control as migrations begin, food becomes scarce, and border wars erupt across the territories. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

Tau Scorpii A, a massive red giant star in a binary cluster with Tau Scorpii B, a yellow dwarf. The solar system is populated by more than thirty planets, at least one habitable. Called Sedna by the SolTerrans that live there, named for a planet in their ancestral system. The desert is a dangerous place for alien species – and on Sedna, they’re all alien species.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

He circled the pair, taking into account everything, stopping in front of Taryn, “Have you changed your name again?”

Not yet,” she said quietly, “I might have to. There’s a migration happening.”

I am aware, no thanks to you.”

The Caerule are south of the Highmarch.”

Now that, I didn’t know,” he peered at her, expecting her to have more to say. “I leave for a few days break, and I come back to find you, moving mercenaries into the city.”

An enemy of an enemy.”

If you believe that makes him our friend, I’m sending you home to go back to school. I don’t want to bury what’s left of your family, stop being impulsive, you know where it leads.”



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Bloodlines: Book 3 of The Wildblood is at the editor/beta readers, although I’m missing my actual editor now.  I’m not certain how this will effect my release date, but I promise to let you know when it’s happening.  If you’d like to catch up on the series, follow the graphic right to my website.  PS – yes, The Vista has a new cover.  Apparently, the previous one offended a big retailer who shall remain un-named.


Dystopian? I Think Not

dys-to-pi-a [dis-toh-pee-uh]
1. a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding.

I’ve posted The Vista around the internet for marketing, naturally, and I’ve seen the label ‘dystopian’ pop up. There are a lot of post-apocalyptic, dystopian novels out there. I’ve got nothing against them. My problem is that The Vista isn’t. The main characters live there and would do anything to protect their home. It’s not the Garden of Eden, but that doesn’t matter, not to them. It’s the center of their universe. Sure there are problems; it’s called being alive. Disagreements and conflicts between generations don’t make a dystopian society. Futility and hopelessness do.

Anyway. I just needed to post a few words about that. Not all futuristic societies are bad. Take us, for example. 100 years ago, could people have imagined our lives today? How scary would it be to them? How normal and boring is it to us? Exactly.

Click on the cover to go tot he Amazon page.

Evolution of a Book Cover – Final

I found it fascinating how a book cover evolved from ideas in my head into a custom, hand-drawn bit of art. Joe Kawano talked me through the process (he must have a lot of patience!). Graphics ahead. Oh, Amazon link first, then pictures.

{{{[[‘The Vista’ Amazon Page]]}}} – Buy it here!

First draft –


Joe made it clear this was not how the finished cover would look. I must have sounded freaked out by the entire process. I was.

Second draft –

VistaSketch-01 (2)

Things were taking shape. Naturally, I was also buried in the complicated mess that happens the first time you try to get a book online. Then this happened.

Third draft –


Needless to say, this was pretty exciting. I’d read may things about online book selling, and a custom cover seems to be a big plus for marketing. Holidays rolled around and things slowed down for both of us. I got this gem in my email one morning.


If Joe didn’t live 2000 miles away, I’m certain he could have heard me wailing like a banshee. Or something.

Xample02-partDone-Upper-R-Quarter-C Xample03-partDone-Lower-R-Quarter-C

I’m pretty sure I squee’d like a fangirl. No, that’s not a real word. Than more slow torture showed up in my email, almost daily.

Xample04-PartDone-UpperLeft-Corner-A-raw Xample04-PartDone-UpperLeft-Corner-b&w

And then this.


More tweaking.

Yes-EndingComposite01 Yes-EndingComposite02 Yes-EndingComposite03 Yes-EndingComposite04 Yes-EndingComposite05

Finally, we worked around to this.


And now for some PR.

Blurb – ‘The Vista’ by S. A. Hoag

Team Three has a secret, one they think they’ve kept from all but a select few colleagues. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Allen, MacKenzie and Wade are Vista Security’s top officers, part of the first generation post-World War 3. They’ve trained all their lives to survive and thrive in a cold, hostile world. Their secret – they believe they are genetically enhanced and are unquestionably connected psychically. Hidden away in an enclave in the Rocky Mountains, they’re also at the forefront of the movement to see what’s left of the outside world. Not everyone in The Vista is as eager to venture forth.

As they attempt to learn the truth, their mere presence makes them targets of a vicious renegade with the means to destroy everything they know. Facing exile or worse, Team Three has short time to figure out who is enemy, who is friend and how to save their home and themselves.

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood series takes place in the near-future where the Earth has been nearly emptied of human beings by a short and devastating world war. Venturing beyond the safety of their valley may be the best move Security has ever made; it’s absolutely the most dangerous.


S. A. Hoag is an author, lapidary artist, very amateur astronomer (“I just look at the stars, I can’t name ’em.”), and accidental desert-dweller. Born in the middle of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, more specifically Salida, she has lived in a number of cities in a number of states before crash-landing in the New Mexico desert. Not Roswell, however. Science Fiction has always been her first interest in reading and writing; many other genres sneak into the novels and that’s alright with her.

Where to find her –

‘The Vista’ Amazon Page – Buy it here!
S. A. Hoag, Author Website
Blogging It All
Sheila’s Facebook
And her Twitter

WeWriWa #8Sunday

This is 8 sentences from the WIP prequel to ‘The Vista’. It’s leaning much more towards the romance than the action adventure, even if these 8 don’t show it. My thought is, the events of ‘The Vista’ would have happened entirely differently if Shannon didn’t love Mac and visa versa. I’m hoping this prequel gives a little insight to why the main characters are they way they are.

Want to find a whole batch of #8Sunday posts? Here’s your link.


And now – 8 sentences from ‘The Vista: Blackout’ (working title, I hope I come up with something else).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He switched over to the station’s com system. “This is Duncan, I need qualified Dispatchers on the floor now.”

“Sir, I’m fine . . . “ Shannon began.

“You’re not being relieved; you’re considered a secondary team. I want you patrolling the boundary of The Vista a minute after your replacement is here. You’re not cleared to leave the city, Officer Allen. Tonight, a whole class of rookies are going to make sure no one sneaks into The Vista. In this case, it is absolutely not better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission – do you understand me?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Yes, I admit it. I used a line from ‘The Princess Bride’ in my book. The post-apocalyptic action adventure sci-fi one. I couldn’t stop myself.

There is also reference to a Rush song and a Stephen King book in there. In the same paragraph.

Sometimes I amaze me.