WeWriWa 10/04/2020

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Ok. Nothing new or interesting going on here. I’m going to have to find some beta readers, because I don’t have an editor now. It’s a slow process, sorry, there will be books, as soon as I can.


You know what happened in The Wildblood: Trilogy One, but what are the stories you don’t know? Outliers explores parts of The Wildblood world kept hidden, the stories yet to be told.

A generation after World War 3, children of the survivors struggle to overcome the all-too-human penchant to fight with each other. The only thing more dangerous than the people you don’t know, are the people you do know.

Team Two – The first book explores Capt. Shannon Allen and Team Two, Capt. Damon Green and Maj. Mick Ballentyne; their efforts to hide the secrets of The Vista and its Altered, the genetically engineer humans, while remaining loyal to the oaths they swore to protect their home. The Vista is no longer alone in the world, and the world is a complicated place.

This novel is a segue between The Wildblood: Trilogy One and the upcoming stand-alone novels.

(This is the un-edited and grammatically challenging version of Chapter One of Outliers. I always hate my first paragraph, no matter how much I mess with them. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.)

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~I see you.~

Shannon had a bird’s eye view of the Junction, near what had been her home; it was a deadly place, when the snow melted and the Nomads began to move. Once, when there had been many people, they traveled these crossroads between cities by the thousands. Now, there were few people, even less civilization, and nothing that could be called cities.

This wasn’t real, it was only similar to a dream, she was in no danger. It wouldn’t make a difference now, the damage had been done; still, she wanted to know what had been hidden from her, two years ago when she nearly died there.

Rafe, certainly; he was an Altered, one of the Genetically Enhanced, created by humans, hated and hunted by humans and other Altered alike. Shan was an Altered, too, and hadn’t know about him, but it wouldn’t have mattered. Before they went out in the world, Team Three, Shannon and her partners Wade and MacKenzie, had thought they were untouchable; they knew they were different, and were too young to realize how naïve they were.

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Get caught up with the first series before the next one arrives!


What happens, after the end of civilization?https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W6R8WNM

World War 3 lasted ten hours.

A handful of nuclear strikes started the chaos, cascading into a worldwide event. The electrical grids were gone, and worse yet, the seasonal flu mutated into something fast and fatal. Planet Earth went dark, that August, and humans teetered on the brink of extinction.

20 years on, in a hidden enclave and guarding a dark secret, these survivors are content with their lives. Their children, however, are not. The search for others will send them out into a world they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally is blurred.

Backlash: Prequel to the Wildblood & The Wildblood Sourcebook 1 are FREE always. The trilogy is complete (The Vista, Renegades & Bloodlines). Entire Series 1 available in paperback and eBooks – www.topaz08.com

This is happening, too!

In Search of a Perfect Picture

Promotion is the word in self-publishing, and if you want to catch the reader’s eye, in addition to a great story, brilliant blurbs, and an amazing cover, you need some spiffy promo material.

I spend a lot of hours on stock photo sites, seeking out possible cover material, and that spiffiness for promos that just begs “Read Me”. Of course, it has to be tied in to the story somehow, and not cost half my publishing budget.

When I finally get something, I’m happy. It’s not the same rush as finishing a book, but it’s a pleasant thing, to get something accomplished. Especially when a novel takes months. So today I’m going to share my two newest promos, all linked up to Amazon, because I’m rather proud of the progress my photoshopping skills have come in the past year. So, here they are.

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Long country road with white lines down the centre stretching off past a lone tree to the distant horizon

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