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Time to get critical. Use these questions to explore the less-than-lovely aspects of your character. Even the most heroic of protagonists have a couple of skeletons in their closet.

• What’s the worst thing you’ve ever wished on somebody (and who was it)?

Wade: A slow death. No names.

Mac: Oh, I wanted to kill him fast and party on his corpse.

Wade: Same person.

Mac: There were two, but you know which one. Personal grudge.

Wade: Grudge? Interesting take.

• When was the last time you lied? What made you do it?

Mac: I prefer not to lie.

Wade: Nah, you just stop talking.

Mac: That’s brilliant, coming from you. When was the last time you lied?

Wade: It’s an ongoing part of my life.

• Is there somebody you haven’t been able to forgive? What did they do? Do you want to forgive them?

Wade: There are whole groups of people, and they started the lies. There is no ‘forgive’.

Mac: I understand why they did what they did. I have no remorse, but trust is another thing. It’s not earned easily.

• Can you lie easily?

Wade: (laughs)

Mac: When it’s necessary.

• Do you handle rejection well?

Wade: I don’t know.

Mac: I suppose, I mean, what choice is there?

• Have you ever done something illegal?

Wade: I’ll have to refer you to my lawyer.

Mac: Define ‘illegal’.

• Are you more likely to ask for permission or forgiveness?

Wade: Forgiveness.

Mac: Permission.

Wade: I knew that.

Mac: Shut up.

• What terrible thing have you done that you never thought you would do?

Wade: It’s not that I didn’t think I could, but if I would. The answer is yes. If you are my enemy, if you threaten my home, I’ll hunt you down.

Mac: I couldn’t do the things Wade has done.

• What criticism would your worst enemy make of you, that you secretly agree with?

Wade: That I’m just like him. He was right.

Mac: We can’t stay hidden forever. He proved it, and here we are.

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Not Ghosted

I don’t know how so much time got away from me. I’m writing, I swear. Editing Tau Scorpii right now, I’ll be looking to send it to Beta Readers shortly. I’m really excited about how this is progressing.

In retrospect, one book every few years isn’t a great way to collect a fan base. My goal is 2 a year now, and if there are more, outstanding. After Tau Scorpii, Outliers: Texas is next. I’m really going to try to get both published this year. My next project for the blog is to get some character bios done. My fingers are crossed!

This is brief and a promo bit. The Wildblood is 5 books now. Catch them on sale while you can.

Before Team Three, there was The Blackout.
Backlash: Prequel to The Wildblood

In the space of ten hours, civilization was gone . . .
Their parents were survivors, and now children of The Vista have become the guardians of their seclude valley. Curiosity will take them out into a world they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally is blurred.
Welcome to the world of The Wildblood.
Trust is dangerous; ignorance is deadly.
Find the entire series in ebook, paperback, and hardcover –

WeWriWa 09/02/18

I never get as much writing done as I want, but things are moving right along.  Bloodlines is up this week.  Being book 3 in the series, I know a lot of you are probably new to it.  I’m going to list some Character Profiles after the snippet, in case anyone is interested.

Also – check out WeWriWa, where I got the great idea to (attempt) to blog very week, and where a lot of amazing writers hang out.  Snippet Sunday, is another place a recommend.  You can never have too many favorite authors!


The Wildblood Series

A Post-Apocalyptic Action Adventure

No one remembers what started the war, the big one. Civilization stopped, and what came next was fueled by rage and fear.

Twenty years on, a tiny refuge, a place called The Vista, may be one of the last vestiges of humanity. Isolated, guarded, and hiding a dark secret, the people have survived World War Last, and they are content with that. Their children, however, are not. The search for others will send them out into a world they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally is blurred.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This week, Shan & Hunter are out in the world, and they’ve run across some hostile Nomads.  Outside of The Vista, they are on the defensive, and there are civilians close by.  They want to control the situation before it gets out of hand, but you don’t always get what you want.

They attempt to reason with the intruders, first.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  “You told him your name,” Shan said quietly.

  “Yeah, I told him my name, so the hell what – Angelfire is five hundred miles away, and to you, it might as well be on the moon.”

  “Never tell someone your name,” she offered cryptically.

  “Is there a particular reason he keeps you close?” Ryan leered.

  As tall as the Nomad, Shan tipped her head up and stared straight at him.

  “Bodyguard, and you can take that any way you want, I’m still alive,” Hunter said.

  “For now.”

  “The thing is, we just work for them, we aren’t from Angelfire, we don’t live there, we can’t, but they’re more than happy to pay us for our services.”  He let that sink in, to whatever ends they might assume.

Trying to make me think you’re one of the mutant freaks the rich folks use for their dirty work doesn’t scare me, I know them when I see them.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  PS – never call an Altered a mutant freak.  They won’t take it well.  Tune in next week for the result of this conversation.

  All 3 available books in The Wildblood series are 99c each this weekend, for the Labor Day holiday here in the US, Amazon only.

Backlash, Prequel to The Wildblood

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood

  And those Character Profiles!

Mac – Maj. Alex MacKenzie

Wade – Cmdr. Geoffrey Wade

Hunter – rookie Security officer

Shan – Capt. Shannon Allen

Asphalt road and dark storm clouds over it


Character Profile – Hunter

Full Name – Chase Caulder; Hunter was the name he adopted when he was forced into hiding, shortly before the war.

Position – Rookie officer, Vista Security; also a designated sniper.

DOB – 03/04/18

Place of Birth – Birmingham, Alabama, United Confederate States of America

Natural parents – Jenn Ariane  and Philip Caulder.  Philip was a US Senator at the outbreak of the war.  Jenn was his lawyer.

Siblings – Older brother Philip (b. 05/16), younger brother Joseph (b. 03/22) and younger sister Dana (b. 10/25)

Professional – Joined the Caravans in 2038 at 20 as a gunner.  Moved to Vista Security in 2046.  Along with his guardian partner, Dallas, Hunter has sealed personnel files  and very little about his life before the war is known.  When he’s not on-duty for Security, he’s on-call for the caravan short runs to local areas.

Hunter isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, and its gotten him in trouble with various supervisors and occasionally, Security, including Cmdr. Wade.  He isn’t intimidated easily, doesn’t back down from a fair fight, and is a bit of an adrenalin junkie.

Personal – Hunter has never been married despite several relationships over the years.  He’s more comfortable alone.  His best friend is Evan Dallas.  (Dallas was the Secret Service agent that got Hunter out of Chicago as the war broke out.)  He lived with Evan and his wife Serena until the birth of their second child, not long after he joined the Caravans.

Hobbies – He works at the brewery a few days a month, helps at the West End Stables when they need him, and builds furniture for the co-op in his spare time.




Mac’s Profile

Wade’s Profile

Shannon’s Profile

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These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.


A link to The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood



#8Sunday 03/20/16 WeWriWa

#8Sunday 03/20/16 WeWriWa!  Before I get started, be sure to check out all the other prolific, beautiful people with snippets to share.


Yes, I’ve switched back to the sci-fi series for this week.  With a little luck and some lightning fingers, I hope to have a cover reveal and maybe a preorder of Hunter’s Moon in the next couple of weeks.  You heard it here first!

Now, my 8 to 10, from the WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood.  This bit finds Wade about to confront a group of wanderers.  He’s looking for someone, and he’d prefer not to cause a scene.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The spirits must be restless today,” the raven-haired Nomad commented, leading his horse to the trough.

The way station was neutral ground, so Wade ignored him. Beside the fact four more riders were making their way up the muddy path, and he was there with Chloe. Lissa would kill him if he got her daughter in the middle of a senseless brawl.

You never know what’s going to wander in from the badlands, this time of year,” another one of them spoke up, stopping on the far side of the road, effectively behind him, and blocking off any chance of retreat.

Even in civilian clothes, he wore an over-abundant supply of weapons, and discarded his parka over the saddle, to be sure the other men were aware.

Maybe the proprietors need to put up a new sign,” a third indicated the list of rules on a faded billboard. “One with pictures,” he laughed.

If you have something to say to me,” Wade spoke carefully, not raising his tone. “Say it, or shove off.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can catch up on Wade’s story with The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood, available now.  Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood will be released in a few short months, date to be announced as soon as I know.

Road in the mountains at rain

I’ve posted some character profiles as well.

Profile – Mac

Profile – Wade

Profile – Shannon

Character Profile – Mac

Full Name – Alex MacKenzie, nickname Mac

Position – sniper of Team Three

DOB – 12/29/23

Place of Birth – Phoenix, AZ, Southwest Allied States of America

Natural parents -David (b. 08/02), A Ranch supervisor and Maggie (b. 04/05), a radio operator.

Siblings – Twins Colin (m) and Carri (f) (b. 11/31) both work at the ranches; Tanya (b. 04/40) is still in school.

Professional – the first member of Team Three to join Security.  A Guardian since 11/40, he talked Wade into joining Security with him and they have always been partners.  He joined Security Command in 4/45.


  Photos by Shannon S. Allen, Dec. 2044, Station Two, The Vista

Personal –  by far the most impulsive member of Team Three, Mac has share of secrets.  The ‘hidden’ Gen En, his abilities have been slower to develop and it has lead to his drinking problem.  He has lost rank twice because of clashes with superior officers.

As a rookie, Mac was briefly involved with a woman that arrived in The Vista with a group travelling west.  It’s believed she was pregnant when the group continued on.

His relationship with Shannon Allen is widely know, in Security and otherwise.  They both are aware of the limits of that relationship.  As Gen Ens, Altereds, they have no intentions of having children together, in fear of traits they may or may not pass on.

Hobbies – Mac has a fascination with old movies and video games (quotes them frequently, much to the chagrin of some in Security, and the delight of others).  He plays a mean guitar, but is admittedly no Eric Clapton; and helps his father at the ranches when he has the time.  Like his partners, he is close to his family.


man in gas mask plays guitar


Wade’s Profile
Shannon’s Profile
Hunter’s Profile

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These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.

My website, FYI.

Character Profile – Shannon



Full Name – Shannon S. Allen

Position – Scout of Team Three

DOB – 12/02/27

Place of Birth – The Vista, Montana

Natural parents – biological mother Summer Fiore, adopted mother, Deirdre McCann; father Michael Allen

Siblings – none (?)

Professional – Shan qualified as a close quarters shooter and Dispatch officer in Jan., 2044; and a Scout as of Sept. 2044 during the Blackout.  She has only been assigned to Team Three.  The newest member of Security Command, as of March, 2046.  She has traveled extensively across the Idaho, Washington, Oregon area at their request, without the knowledge of City Council.

Personal –  Involved in a relationship with Alex MacKenzie since she was sixteen, she also has close connections with Cmdr. Wade, Capt. Green, Lt. Taylor and most recently, Lt. Hunter.  She is very private, leading to rumors and gossip throughout Security.  (Team Three, and the younger generation of Vistans in general, are not monogamous.  Some choose to be, most are not.)

Although she has never formally moved out of her parent’s home, she keeps a room at Station Two, in The Vista’s downtown district.

Like both her Guardian partners, Shannon tested very high in formal education classes, an estimated IQ of +160.  She was less interested in her performance on such tests than Wade.  Mac was indifferent.

Shan is among the first babies born in The Vista that survived.  She often reacts to a crisis or threat before considering the implications and rarely is concerned about offending Council.  She has kept her record clean with Command, however.  Of the three, she is the most curious about the outside world, having seen bits of it on her excursions west.

Her biggest fear is that they will never know what is beyond Montana, that The Vista will stagnate as it sets isolated.

Hobbies include collecting history books, skiing, and (mostly unsuccessful) dabbling in horticulture.  The couple of houseplants she keeps at Station Two are alive because of the efforts of the housekeeping staff.

cropped1                           Shannon Allen, Flathead Lake, Aug., 2046, picture taken by unknown


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These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.

Wade’s Profile

Mac’s Profile

Hunter’s Profile


A link to The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood. Just in case!


Character Profile – Wade

NOTE – Notes are added info for the 3rd book in the series.  In case you were worried about spoilers.

Full Name – Geoffrey Thomas Wade

Position – lead officer of Team Three

DOB – 02/26/2024

Place of Birth – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Natural parents – Lydia Jordan Halley, Thomas Rylin Wade

Siblings (both are half-sisters, shared mother) – Angel (Annie), b. 02/02/30;  Nina, b. 04/23/33.  Their father is Richard Clarke Cameron, a Vista Council member.

Professional – The youngest Commander ever appointed by Security Command in The Vista.  Joining Security in Jan., 2041, Wade quickly gained rank.  Security Command, the governing body of Vista Security, elected Wade as a member shortly after his 20th birthday.  He was awarded the status of Commander in Oct., 2044, a week after the Blackout was lifted, having lead the teams that tracked and destroyed two military helicopters searching for The Vista.  Designated sniper.

American Soldier aiming his rifle

Personal – Currently has two offspring.  Bryan Thomas Wade (b. 11/15/44  to Tina  Roberts) and Jessica Noel Wade (b. 01/11/46 to Courtney Noel).  Wade has never been married and expresses that the idea is outdated and unnecessary.  Edit, third child, Jason Noel Wade, born 03/04/48 to Courtney Noel.

Wade maintains his own home in the north sector of The Vista but spends most of his time at Station Two, downtown.  In his free time, he plays chess, swims and skis, and tinkers with his motorcycle.

During his formal schooling, up until the age of sixteen, numerous intelligence tests were given, although his IQ has never been established.  It has been considered that he possesses an eidetic memory and an IQ of an estimated 160 – 170.  (Notation – all three members of Team Three are considered to have very high IQs.  This is not common knowledge.)


Wade tends to be a perfectionist, critical and over-protective of his teams.  He is obsessive when it comes planning details of Security operations.  A natural leader, he is confident and self-assured; socially he has a handful of close friends.  He is an expert at disguising his true emotions.

One of his biggest fears is that he suffers from what they call meltdown; the long-lasting trauma of witnessing events during the war.  He wasn’t 4 yet, but he remembers things and is afraid it will cause him to make mistakes in judgment at some point.  The other thing he fears is that he could be like Rafe, a sociopath in the making.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.

Shannon’s Profile

Mac’s Profile

Hunter’s Profile

A link to The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood.