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Check out the blog, you won’t regret it. I’ve found some fabulous books there. A few lines from my WIP Renegades; Book 2 of The Wildblood. Release date not solid yet, but it’s looking like August. This year. 🙂

A less-serious conversation. It’s not all doom and gloom in the future!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“What really happened in Colorado?” Lambert had read the official reports and knew they were at least fifty percent bullshit.

“He was Gen En, he’d watched us for years, or watched Wade and Shan. I’m apparently different enough to be invisible.”

“Rafe was watching?” Lambert confirmed.

“Yeah, him.”

“Maybe being invisible is your superpower.”

“Ouch,” Mac grimaced, deadpanning.

“Don’t take it personal.”

“Don’t repeat that to anyone, ever.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood is available on all formats. Renegades will be available this autumn. You can find my books, in all formats now, on my website.



#8Sunday 05/01/16 WeWriWa


And that’s the blog you want to visit to find teasers of some amazing book from some amazing authors.  I have to play catch-up this week because I’ve been falling behind.  But, now a few words from my WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood.  This is a continuation from last week.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Green was yelling at her, or something like it. His mouth was moving but there was no sound. She wondered disjointedly what had happened to his voice. He moved, getting to his knees, trying to get her moving.

Where’s Wade?” she shouted, the steady ringing in her ears making her own words sound distant.

He caught her face to get her attention and make her look at him. “Can you understand what I’m saying?” he asked, mouthing the words so she could read his lips.

Yes,” she nodding vigorously, making her vision spin, equilibrium gone.

The structure is unstable,” he pointed at the gaping hole over them. “We have to get out.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ha!  that’s all this week.  You can catch up on the story arc with The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood by following the promo link. Available on all formats.



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I’ve been sadly neglecting my blog this week.  Bad me.  To make up for it, some brand new words from the almost-book.  First, go check out the WeWriWa blog, because there’s an entire gang of amazing authors that hang out there.



And now, some words, arranged aesthetically to please me.  Hopefully some future readers, too.  This is from Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood, and Team Three, having a bit of a bad day.  Renegades will be released later this year.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stopping, Shan asked, “What is that noise?” It was a high-pitched whine, and since Green was shaking his head, she understood he didn’t hear it. A moment later, there was loud popping sounds, nothing like gunfire. He grabbed her.

Then the world lit up as bright as the sun. Like an . . .

Explosion, Shan thought. She was suddenly on the ground, trying to cover her head, Green shielding her. There was blue sky where the roof had been, and heavy black smoke billowing up. It was odd, there was no noise with it. She thought there should be noise.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood is available now & I’d love it if you’d read it!


Road in the mountains at rain



I’ve posted some of this before, but it sets the tone for the entire book, concerning Shannon and Hunter. Let’s face it, no relationship is perfect. They have some unique problems, and eventually might come up with some unique ways to solve those problems. Or they’ll yell at each other.

Here’s a snippet from Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood, due out this year.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You’re not wearing body armor,” Hunter observed.

She glared at him, dropping her canteen and clamping her mouth shut instead of saying something rude.

He knew that look. “And you’re pissed at me. Because I kissed you?”

For a moment, Shan was astonished. “You think that’s why I’m angry?” She put her hands on her hips, only accentuating the fact she was mad, and that she wasn’t wearing body armor.

“Apparently, no. What did I do wrong?” Hunter asked, leery.

“You could have asked me to come with you, when you left Estes Park.”

“You told me not to.”

“I might have alluded to it. The point is, you should have asked.” Shan was frustrated. He wasn’t like the other men she knew, the ones she’d grown up around. She had no trouble expressing herself to the select few of Team Three’s inner circle, or talking them in to things.

There was no winning the argument, he knew from past experience. “What about Mac?”

“Mac?” she repeated, puzzled.

“Tall guy. Wears a cowboy hat, watches a lot of old movies when he’s off-duty. You two are . . . involved.”

Folding her arms, she sighed. “I forget, sometimes. You think my relationship with Mac has some bearing on my relationship with you. It doesn’t.”

“Maybe not for you,” Hunter corrected. “And maybe not for him. I have trouble working around that.”

“I don’t even know how to respond,” Shan decided after a moment.

“What did you mean, make it worth your time?”

“Exactly what you think.”

Hunter folded his arms, waiting, knowing her better than that.

“There are times I really despise that . . . smug look,” she folded her arms, daring him to respond.

He held his ground, silently.

“Fine. You’re right, I didn’t mean it, I meant I’m happy to see you and hope like hell you’re happy to see me. I’d never try to dictate your morals or emotions to you and if someone gave me an ultimatum like that I’d . . .” she shrugged, knowing he was aware of her reactions.

“There it is,” Hunter said. “You’d slap someone trying to pressure you into a situation you weren’t comfortable with. At least a slap. And yes, I’m happy to see you. I wasn’t expecting to see another Vistan until damned near this winter.” Any further discussion about Mac was off-limits because he was their ace-in-the-hole. Hunter was aware of why they weren’t together and it had everything to do with genetics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Character Profile – Hunter

Full Name – Chase Caulder; Hunter was the name he adopted when he was forced into hiding, shortly before the war.

Position – Rookie officer, Vista Security; also a designated sniper.

DOB – 03/04/18

Place of Birth – Birmingham, Alabama, United Confederate States of America

Natural parents – Jenn Ariane  and Philip Caulder.  Philip was a US Senator at the outbreak of the war.  Jenn was his lawyer.

Siblings – Older brother Philip (b. 05/16), younger brother Joseph (b. 03/22) and younger sister Dana (b. 10/25)

Professional – Joined the Caravans in 2038 at 20 as a gunner.  Moved to Vista Security in 2046.  Along with his guardian partner, Dallas, Hunter has sealed personnel files  and very little about his life before the war is known.  When he’s not on-duty for Security, he’s on-call for the caravan short runs to local areas.

Hunter isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, and its gotten him in trouble with various supervisors and occasionally, Security, including Cmdr. Wade.  He isn’t intimidated easily, doesn’t back down from a fair fight, and is a bit of an adrenalin junkie.

Personal – Hunter has never been married despite several relationships over the years.  He’s more comfortable alone.  His best friend is Evan Dallas.  (Dallas was the Secret Service agent that got Hunter out of Chicago as the war broke out.)  He lived with Evan and his wife Serena until the birth of their second child, not long after he joined the Caravans.

Hobbies – He works at the brewery a few days a month, helps at the West End Stables when they need him, and builds furniture for the co-op in his spare time.




Mac’s Profile

Wade’s Profile

Shannon’s Profile

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These are notes mostly for me, but maybe interesting to others.  Making a blog post so they are easier to find.  Yes, I have that many notes.  Call me crazy.


A link to The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood



#8Sunday 03/20/16 WeWriWa

#8Sunday 03/20/16 WeWriWa!  Before I get started, be sure to check out all the other prolific, beautiful people with snippets to share.


Yes, I’ve switched back to the sci-fi series for this week.  With a little luck and some lightning fingers, I hope to have a cover reveal and maybe a preorder of Hunter’s Moon in the next couple of weeks.  You heard it here first!

Now, my 8 to 10, from the WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood.  This bit finds Wade about to confront a group of wanderers.  He’s looking for someone, and he’d prefer not to cause a scene.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The spirits must be restless today,” the raven-haired Nomad commented, leading his horse to the trough.

The way station was neutral ground, so Wade ignored him. Beside the fact four more riders were making their way up the muddy path, and he was there with Chloe. Lissa would kill him if he got her daughter in the middle of a senseless brawl.

You never know what’s going to wander in from the badlands, this time of year,” another one of them spoke up, stopping on the far side of the road, effectively behind him, and blocking off any chance of retreat.

Even in civilian clothes, he wore an over-abundant supply of weapons, and discarded his parka over the saddle, to be sure the other men were aware.

Maybe the proprietors need to put up a new sign,” a third indicated the list of rules on a faded billboard. “One with pictures,” he laughed.

If you have something to say to me,” Wade spoke carefully, not raising his tone. “Say it, or shove off.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You can catch up on Wade’s story with The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood, available now.  Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood will be released in a few short months, date to be announced as soon as I know.

Road in the mountains at rain

I’ve posted some character profiles as well.

Profile – Mac

Profile – Wade

Profile – Shannon

I Told You So

Eventually, it’s all about the chemistry between two people.  This is a good thing!  And now, after 160,000 words of the series – 520 pages – and dozens more of notes, maps and ideas, there it is.  I told you so.  I told you there’d be romance.  There was, before, but not the main focus.

I have no clue how much detail there will be.  At this point, it’s up to them, the characters involved, because they’ve only been dragging me along for the journey.  What I wanted them to do and what they actually do aren’t the same things.

This is a WIP, Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood, release date in the first half of 2016.  Link at the bottom to book 1.  Comments always appreciated and occasionally begged for.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Hunter followed. “Don’t tell me you flew in during that storm last weekend.”

“I won’t,” Shan said.

“You did, though.”

“Green did the piloting. I just sat there, picturing how I was about to die.”

When he saw she wasn’t kidding, he stifled any snide remark. “Why?”

“Chris was sick and we didn’t have any other options. If Angelfire didn’t answer, we were going to ditch it as close to the refueling station at the state line as we could and call for help from there.” Shan sat her gear in a corner and got a canteen out for a drink.

“You’re not wearing body armor,” Hunter observed.

She glared at him, dropping her canteen and clamping her mouth shut instead of saying something rude.

He knew that look. “And you’re pissed at me. Because I kissed you?”

For a moment, Shan was astonished. “You think that’s why I’m angry?” She put her hands on her hips, only accentuating the fact she was mad, and that she wasn’t wearing body armor.

“Apparently, no. What did I do wrong?”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista, book 1 of The Wildblood series. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W6R8WNM




WeWriWa 12/27/15

Last WeWriWa of the year!  Check out their blog to find out who is posting teasers.



And my 10, a continuation from 2 weeks ago.  From my WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood. (Edited to add a bit of context.) Shannon, aka Capt. Allen of Team Three, is having a tense discussion with J.T., a member of another city’s security squad. They don’t trust each other, but they do have a common enemy – Rafe. Rafe was an Altered, a genetically engineered human, a sociopath, and had been stalking her for years.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over the time since then, Caulder has gotten several versions of the events from people involved. Altered and not. Rafe set off the ICBM on The Vista’s doorstep to see if there was a response. An Altered response.”

And there was.” She took a deep breath, wondering if she could get Green and evac the Vistans out of Estes Park. What Vance’s game was, she didn’t know. He was beginning to scare her, with what his true motive might be. “Two of us.”

No, Capt. Allen, there were dozens.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ah-ha!  More secrets.  You can get The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood  and try to figure out why.



It’s that time again, boys & girls! Check out their blog for many more snippets. It’s a fun thing we do on the weekend.

My few words, from the WIP Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“They’ve been watching us, or the Gen En among us, for years. In some cases, I’d imagine since before the war,” Shan said.

“That’s kind of creepy,” Colin told her.

“You don’t have to tell me; I’ve spent fifteen years living with that.”

“What do you think you’ll do now?”

“I’ve been considering my options. We’re looking south for a specific reason, just like Wade is looking east for a specific reason.”

Colin already knew what Wade wanted. “What’s in the south?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood is available at Amazon. (Yes, my name is incorrect on this alt cover – I publish under S. A. Hoag.)


Now I Get It

Stephen King in his book On Writing said “Kill your darlings.”

Now I get it.

I’ve been stuck on plot in Renegades. There are things I already have figured out in detail, and other things that are still developing. Then, a flash of inspiration.

A particular character has some issues. These issues aren’t going to go away. He’s always has a bit of a dark side, and this will become more evident as book 2 progresses. I have to let him change. That’s why I’m stuck. I want him to be ‘the good guy’ and that’s just not possible at this point. How far he’s going to go, well, we’ll see. Characters have a way of taking over, of doing what they want, and I’m plan on letting him.

“Kill your darlings.”

No, it isn’t easy. I want to save him from himself, and I’m certain other characters will, too. That’s half the intrigue of being a writer – we don’t always know exactly how things are going to work out. Outlines don’t always stick, plotting plans melt away.

What I am sure of, is that there will be repercussion for everyone. When I named it ‘Renegades’, I meant it. Now I have to let them go play that out.
This will be exciting. Thank you, Mr. King.

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood

Available on Kindle Unlimited now!