09/27/2020 WeWriWa


So, go visit the WeWriWa blog. There are authors there, sharing their process PLUS juicy tidbits of writings. It’s fun. Share with your friends!

I know I’ve been gone for months again. Sorry. Things are weird, and by ‘things’, I mean the whole wide world. You know, you live here, too. Anyway, I’ve been writing. Two will be finishing up shortly, two more are just bits & pieces at this point. If I can, I’d like to release at least one in November. Because I’ve lost both my editors, it may get pushed past the holiday to late January.

Let me repost all this since WordPress seems to hate me. The entire site has changed since I was here last time.


You know what happened in The Wildblood: Trilogy One, but what are the stories you don’t know? Outliers explores parts of The Wildblood world kept hidden, the stories yet to be told.

A generation after World War 3, children of the survivors struggle to overcome the all-too-human penchant to fight with each other. The only thing more dangerous than the people you don’t know, are the people you do know.

Team Two – The first book explores Capt. Shannon Allen and Team Two, Capt. Damon Green and Maj. Mick Ballentyne; their efforts to hide the secrets of The Vista and its Altered, the genetically engineer humans, while remaining loyal to the oaths they swore to protect their home. The Vista is no longer alone in the world, and the world is a complicated place.

This novel is a segue between The Wildblood: Trilogy One and the upcoming stand-alone novels.

(These 10 are a middle-of-the-night conversation between Harlan and Kaden, discussing things that may or may not have happened, in places too far away, that will directly effect their lives. Yes, they are important and in fact, may have their own novel next year!)


“Are you trying to get killed, or start a war?” Harlan asked, frustrated. Sometimes he couldn’t stop himself from lecturing; of all the Altered children he’d help liberate in the years after the war, Kaden was the one who had stayed close, the one who called him father.

“Neither. What have you heard about current events?”

“Literally nothing – I said it, The Vista isn’t on the air or they are ignoring us. I think the former, considering there was an attack there the same time as the one in Platte River. Cody sent an audio message, that they’d be in contact shortly and that was six days ago. Estes Park, nothing, Platte River, nothing, and we don’t plan on letting Angelfire know we’re here, for the time being. It’s been snowing, so no travelers either. You are it.”


That’s it, 10 sentences. There are a lot more. While you’re waiting, here’s a promo for the first trilogy.


10 thoughts on “09/27/2020 WeWriWa

  1. This excerpt begs so many questions. I just went to pick up a copy on Amazon and discovered I already have it on my Kindle. If life eases up a bit, I hope to get to it soon.

    Yep, I agree with you about the world.

    Nice to see you again!

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