06/28/2020 WeWriWa



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So, I’m back, in the process of writing two books in a series at the same time.  Well, writing one, plotting the other.  It’s interesting.  Unlike The Wildblood series, the books of Tau Scorpii will contain new characters in each.  So far, so good.  Here’s a snippet from the first one, since I don’t have enough of the second to make sense yet.  Draft, subject to revision.  Forgive the creative punctuation.



Sedna is home to hundreds of predatory alien species. Humans are one of them. The weather is changing. It’s about to get more difficult to survive.

Their clan was scattered in a war, years ago. By accident or fate, Taryn and Skye have found each other. What they face now, they have no control over. The weather is changing. Their clans must find a way to adapt, and to make peace with each other. The alternative is extinction.


Tell me about Freeport,” Skye said, studying the bottle she’d brought to the table; it was water, by far the most expensive drink in the place. The bar was questionable in upkeep, and company, so they’d taken a table in the back.

Farms, mostly, we trade with other cities along the territory,” Taryn sat next to him, relaxed.

You’re a farmer, now?” he teased, but there were so many serious things he wanted to say.

She smiled, “In addition to doing ranger duties now and then, I’m a Captain of the Dawn Watch.”

Once upon a time, he’d been her father’s warlord, a Captain of the Watch. “You’re not joking.”

No, I’m not; I couldn’t do anything about it when we found ourselves homeless and in hiding, but I didn’t grow up being that defenseless.”

You tried talking your brothers into teaching you the bow, all the time.”

I’m not great with a bow,” she confessed, “I can handle a sword pretty well.”


Both will be out in the world Autumn 2020!


In the meantime, The Wildblood: Trilogy One is available now in one volume or  as separate books!


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