WeWriWa 02/16/2020


How this works – authors sign up to share a peek at one of their books (or book-in-progress) . You sneak over to the blog and window shop as much as you’d like.  It’s fun, I mean, you can never have too many books!  Check it out.  While you doing internet things, check out Snippet Sunday as well!

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You know what happened in The Wildblood: Trilogy One, but what are the stories you don’t know? Outliers explores parts of The Wildblood world kept hidden, the stories yet to be told.

A generation after World War 3, children of the survivors struggle to overcome the all-too-human penchant to fight with each other. The only thing more dangerous than the people you don’t know, are the people you do know.

The first book explores Capt. Shannon Allen and Capt. Damon Green’s efforts to protect the secrets of The Vista and its Altered, the genetically engineer humans, while remaining loyal to the oaths they swore to protect their home. The Vista is no longer alone in the world, and the world is a complicated place.

This novel is a segue between The Wildblood: Trilogy One and the upcoming stand-alone novels.

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This snippet is an informal meeting between Shannon and various people in charge.  There are a lot of missing pieces to their history, and members of Team Three have always had a way of knowing things they shouldn’t.

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“Did the Altered cause the war?” Haines put out a question that had been nagging at him for decades.

“I suppose it was natural for people to place the blame, we need to have a solid reason. The truth is, there were hundreds of factors that led to the war, and there were many wars, that day. The Altered were a symptom, not the cause,” Shannon frowned, remembering hearing the gory details the first time. “As it became evident to the various entities participating in Altered experiments that war was imminent, they came to a mutual decision to dispose of the potential threat.”

“What threat?” Dallas asked, having a good idea about it.

“The threat being, some Altered were immune to the flu and they were afraid they might lose control of us. That was one of the first issues that started the downward spiral.”

“What do you mean by dispose?” Haines didn’t want to ask; he did anyway.

“Exactly what you think I mean.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Exactly.  It looks like I’m getting close to wrapping this one up, or at least, this draft.  Much rewriting, as usual, but that never takes too much time.

While you’re waiting . . .

old grungy texture

You can find the entire series in eBooks and paperbacks here – www.topaz08.com

10 thoughts on “WeWriWa 02/16/2020

  1. Yep. Disposed of. A crass but generally well-understood term. Good job of introducing information to the story–by this discussion that allows the characters to learn the answers to puzzles they’ve been unable to solve in the earlier stories.

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