06/02/19 WeWriWa

So this week, something completely different!  No, no, that’s Monty Python.  I wish I could write comedy, but here I am, jotting down Notes About the End of the World.  That would actually be a great title.  I bet someone else has already used it.  Anyway.  Check out the fabulous authors sharing their snippets at WeWriWa & Snippet Sunday.


Summary – Tau Scorpii

  When Taryn rescues another human from a marauding band of Caerule, she is reunited with clansmen from her past. It puts her at odds with their new chieftan, as well as her own partner, a powerful privateer. They discover, there are more imminent problems, ones they cannot control, and must unite to survive. Easier said than done, when each of them are strong-willed, intense, and have their own plans to set in motion.

  Sedna is home to hundreds predatory alien species. Humans are one of them. They’ve been there long enough to adapt, but not so long that all of them have forgotten, it’s not their world. The weather is changing. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain. 

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here we have Garrett and Skye in yet another argument.  It seems to be a pattern, and now their clash of wills has intensified because of Taryn, and what she claims to know.  Things aren’t going to get easier.  Asher has a plan, and every person involved is independent, stubborn, and smart.  Working together won’t be easy.  It could be deadly.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you think you can do better on your own, you’re free to try,” Garrett challenged, as soon as they were a distance down the road from the inn, out of earshot, next to an open field where a few cattle grazed, unconcerned. “Or take charge, and go look at the damned plateau. Either way, figure it out because someone is going out there after star-rise.”

You know what happens, when I lead a war party.”

This isn’t a war party. One time, Skye, you lost one battle – how many have you had, since then?

It was enough.” He paced the dirt road, wondering briefly if he should go to Argent, to Seafront, to any of the tiny villages where he could make a decent living keeping wild animals out of the livestock pens, or scaring off the dirt poor bandits that lived on the edge of the desert.

You’re not going to find anything up there.”

I think you’re wrong. I think you don’t want me to find anything out-of-the-ordinary.”

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And they’re off.  Way off, but that’s just a teaser.

The Wildblood Trilogy One will be available as a boxset, sometimes this summer.  Right now, each book is only 99c at Amazon.  If you enjoy post-apocalyptic, action-adventure, that’s what they are.   Follow the links!  Have a beautiful week.


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8 thoughts on “06/02/19 WeWriWa

  1. A bit of advice to the would-be comedic author — a title like Notes About the End of the World isn’t the best start to get laughs . . . unless you’re a master of irony. 😉
    (And BTW, I searched Amazon. No books with that title appeared.

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  2. Skye’s not listening to the good advice he’s receiving but that’s very true to life. And of course the entire conversation just makes me want to keep reading and find out what’s going to befall him, so…terrific snippet!

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