WeWriWa 11/18/18


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This week, new words from Tau Scorpii.  Taryn and Asher are discussing the possibility, that things they cannot control, are happening.  They are both warriors, and facing something like the changing of a season – something that hasn’t happened in their lifetime – is a cause for concern.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  “You built Argent in a good place, up-slope on a plateau, so any rain should run off, like it does in the terraced fields. I know you’ve fended off wandering bands of Caerule. How prepared are you, if there is a large force of them?” She knew he was a deadly foe, that he carried a wickedly sharp sword, hidden in his garb, and he fought dirty.

We could hold the city, we’re well-supplied, and water isn’t a problem, even now. Are they migrating?”

Not yet, but would they band together, to attack you?”

He considered it, a worry line creasing his forehead, “That’s not how they work.”

What if it was? What if the season really is changing, and it makes all of us have to change with it?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Blurb – Tau Scorpii

When Taryn rescues another human from a marauding band of Caeruleum, she is reunited with clansmen long believed dead. It puts her at odds with their new chieftan, as well as her own partner, a powerful privateer. They discover, they have a more imminent problem, and must unite to survive.

The weather is changing. They’ll have to fight other species for control as migrations begin, food becomes scarce, and border wars erupt across the territories. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain.

Tau Scorpii A, a massive red giant star in a binary cluster with Tau Scorpii B, a yellow dwarf. The solar system is populated by more than thirty planets, at least one habitable. Called Sedna by the SolTerrans that live there, named for a planet in their ancestral system. The desert is a dangerous place for alien species – and on Sedna, they’re all alien species.



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