WeWriWa 05/27/18

WeWriWa!  Looking for something new to read?  Head on over to the blog.  There are links to some amazing writers, and they’re willing to share snippets of their work.  Everyone is nice, and talented.  Check it out.



Alrighty then!  I promised another batch of words from Tau Scorpii.  Hopefully, they’re in the right order to keep readers interested!  This is a bit further along in Garrett and Taryn’s day, traipsing across the desert.  Last week was the first post about them.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Garrett kept walking, and Taryn reluctantly joined him. “So, do you have family in Freeport?” he asked.  From the look on her face, he knew she thought about lying to him.

Not anymore,” she answered finally.

No one?” he persisted.

My brother, the adopted one, had a couple kids, out in one of the eastern provinces, but I never met them. He’s gone now, along with my father and natural brother.”

Garrett knew she wasn’t going to offer more detail, it was a defensive reflex, and she was afraid of him. “I have a couple sisters, out east too, families seem to stay in the east. Wanderers and warriors, we come here.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Yeah.  I hope to have a real promo for it next week.  Yes, I said that last week.  Go check out The Wildblood series, if post-apocalyptic drama is your thing.


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