#8Sunday WeWriWa 07/02/17

The WeWriwa page. Check it out. A whole batch of authors, sharing snippets of their work. Visit their blogs, you won’t be disappointed.


One of my characters, who isn’t quiet or shy by nature, has been being silent and sulking. No, not women problems. Problems about survival and other post-apocalyptic concerns. I finally weaseled 3 pages out of him. 3 whole pages!

Back to the action now. This is Wade and Shannon reuniting after some months apart. Bloodlines: Book 3 of The Wildblood, autumn 2017!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He’d known she was standing behind him before anyone looked up. Angry, certainly. Other than that, it remained to be seen.

Shannon kicked the back leg of his chair, forcing the front legs to the floor, making him sit up and pay attention.

“Where have you been, the past six months,” she glared at him, arms crossed. If he hadn’t shaved off his dark hair, leaving only a shadow, if he wasn’t hiding behind mirrored glasses, smoking a cigar, and drinking a tall glass of whiskey, she’d have found him faster. It was a holiday of some sort, and there was close to a hundred people crowded into the casino, at this ungodly hour. “Geoffrey,” she added. Wade – probably not the name he was using now.

“Geoffrey,” one of the card players snickered, cutting it off as she shot him a look.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Bloodlines: Book 3 of The Wildblood will be available this autumn. Catch up on the series now.

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood
What would you do, to protect your home?

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood
Uncontrollable. Unpredictable. Dangerous. The Wildblood.
Now, Team Three know what they are.

99¢ always.
Before Team Three, there was The Blackout.
Backlash, prequel to The Wildblood.

All are available in paperback and eBooks – http://www.topaz08.com

The Wildblood Series

Twenty years after civilization stopped, a tiny refuge, a place called The Vista, may be one of the last vestiges of humanity. Isolated, guarded, and hiding a dark secret, the people have survived World War Last, and they are content with that. Their children, however, are not. The search for others will send them out into a land they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally is blurred.

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