WeWriWa 04/09/17

Ah! I survived my trek to the Trinity Site, and here I am. With some new words, too. Please check out the WeWriWa blog. You’ll find some amazing snippets there.


OK, my words. Book 3 of The Wildblood, in progress. Shannon and another officer, discussing Mac, their unusual abilities, and the current emergency, which is far larger than any of them are aware of.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“You or I will have to go deal with that,” Shan said. “I didn’t know if he sensed anything, just now. When the call came in from The Vista, I wasn’t expecting anything, not like this. I put up those blocks to keep him from it, but it took me by surprise. He could have gotten some bleed over.”

“If he did, I don’t think he knows what it was,” Ballentyne agreed. “Neither do I.” Of the three, Mac’s abilities were certainly the most errant. Their psychic abilities were uncontrolled, for the most part, and erratic.

“I don’t know what to say,” she started.

“Start with what you know.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yeah, I’m being pretty rough on them, in Book 3. If you’d like to catch up, all the other books in The WIldblood series are available in eBook and paperback formats.

storm clouds
Asphalt road and dark storm clouds over it

9 thoughts on “WeWriWa 04/09/17

  1. You piqued my curiosity with this snippet. Good job.

    BTW, the link to my post is bad. I left off the “T” in blogspot, hence the red screen and warning. So sorry. It should be: dianeburton.blogspot.com

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