#8Sunday 03/12/17 WeWriWa

OK, here I am again.  Weird, isn’t it?  It looks like WordPress has been doing some work, to, so I hope this works out.  First off, check out the WeWriWa blog for a whole list of amazing authors offering sneak peeks of their books.


This week, a few sentences from Backlash, the prequel novella to The Wildblood.  Here, things are about to happen.  Scary, loud things that they aren’t expecting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shannon,” her radio crackled with static, snapping her out of a restless sleep. It was Wade; like most teams, they had a private channel.

Go ahead,” she answered groggily. Her watch read 9:30 pm and she was supposed to go on duty at 2:00 am. An hour – she’d been asleep an hour.

Gear up. I’ll be there in five minutes to get you.”

What’s going on?” she wondered, rubbing her eyes.

Don’t ask, just do.”

He didn’t sound like they might be playing wargames.



 ~ ~ ~ ~

The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood
What happens, after the end of civilization?

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood
Uncontrollable. Unpredictable. Dangerous. The Wildblood. 
Now, Team Three know what they are.

99¢ always.
Before Team Three, there was The Blackout.
Backlash, prequel to The Wildblood. 

All are available in paperback and eBooks – http://www.topaz08.com


The Wildblood Series

No one remembers what started the war, the big one. It happened too fast, and there were too many lies, for the truth to be known. Civilization stopped, and what came next was fueled by rage and fear.

Twenty years on, a tiny refuge, a place called The Vista, may be one of the last vestiges of humanity. Isolated, guarded, and hiding a dark secret, the people have survived World War Last, and they are content with that. Their children, however, are not. The search for others will send them out into a world they know nothing about, where the line between enemy and ally is blurred. 


6 thoughts on “#8Sunday 03/12/17 WeWriWa

  1. This isn’t good. Something bad has happened and she’s going to be in the middle of it. Great snippet. Can’t wait to see what you post next.

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