#8Sunday 02/05/17 WeWriWa

Ha!  I made it.  My work week changed and it messed up my schedule.  But I have a few words.  Apparently, I’m going to write Books 3 & 4 of The Wildblood at the same time.   Should be interesting.

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This particular set of words are from Book 3.  Hopefully, titles will be happening soon, as well.  This is Wade, giving excuses why he’s about to disappear into the scenery.  Of course, he has ulterior motives.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Team Three is still a team, but I can’t stay here, now. It makes it easier for Altereds to find us. I’m not making it easy for them, ever again.” He spoke of the modified humans covertly created during the past century. The Altered had developed unusual talents, far beyond anything anticipated.  Before the war ended their civilization, the entities that made them attempted to correct the aberrations. Those attempts had been largely unsuccessful.

The simple fact was, Team Three were the Altered, too.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hmmm, must promo while I’m here.  Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood needs some love.  Important things happening for my characters here.  Check it out in eBook formats and paperbacks at www.topaz08.com or the picture takes you right to Amazon.



8 thoughts on “#8Sunday 02/05/17 WeWriWa

  1. Interesting perspective on the situation. I think a sentence fragment got repeated? “…before the war ended their civilization. Before the war ended their civilization,…” But I know, it’s just in the WIP stage! I can’t write two books at once so kudos to you! Enjoyed the excerpt.

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