Character Profile – Mac

#scifi #post_apocalyptic

S. A. Hoag, Writer

Full Name – Alex MacKenzie, nickname Mac

Position – sniper of Team Three

DOB – 12/29/23

Place of Birth – Phoenix, AZ, Southwest Allied States of America

Natural parents -David (b. 08/02), A Ranch supervisor and Maggie (b. 04/05), a radio operator.

Siblings – Twins Colin (m) and Carri (f) (b. 11/31) both work at the ranches; Tanya (b. 04/40) is still in school.

Professional – the first member of Team Three to join Security.  A Guardian since 11/40, he talked Wade into joining Security with him and they have always been partners.  He joined Security Command in 4/45.

  Photos by Shannon S. Allen, Dec. 2044, Station Two, The Vista

Personal –  by far the most impulsive member of Team Three, Mac has share of secrets.  The ‘hidden’ Gen En, his abilities have been slower to develop and it has lead to his drinking problem.  He has lost rank twice because of…

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