WeWriWa #8Sunday 10/23/16

Ah, here I am again.  Something new today, but first, a link from our sponsor!


OK, let’s see.  Renegades went live Thursday and the internet went dead Friday.  I’m sure it didn’t help my numbers.  PS – it’s 99¢ until Monday.  Link later.  Right now, a few lines from a new and unrelated Untitled Sci-fi Project.  There are hints of inter-dimensional travel, an apocalypse, and even a bit of romance.  This is the (rough draft) opening, setting things up for some action that happens soon.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The brown-out rolled across the west side of the city, dimming lights, shutting down air conditioning units, and snarling traffic as the signals went to blinking yellow in caution mode. It was August, and the season was the second hottest on record.

Kai sat up in bed, listening. City noises drifted up in the stifled air, angry and anxious. She knew it was futile to think she might go back to sleep, and got up, groggy. Her team had been back in the state two days – or was it three now? A nasty bug had gotten hold of her en route, but she’d managed to get through Military Customs. All of them were on heavy doses of antibiotics for the next week. Then the team had scattered to their various places of refuge. Except, of course, those that couldn’t travel because they were sick.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Book 3 of The Wildblood series is also in pre-production stages.  All of my eBooks are available in paperback.  Hmmm, what else?  Oh, promo for Renegades of course.

Have a great week!

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Uncontrollable.  Unpredictable.  Dangerous.  The Wildblood.
Now, Team Three know what they are.
Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood


99¢ this week!

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood takes up with Team Three out among clans of the Altered, and cities where civilization has held ground. Their efforts to establish The Vista’s domain create unique conflicts and forge unexpected allies. One of the most pressing obstacle turns out to be their own governing council, a threat as real and dangerous as the nomads of the outlands.


The Wildblood Series

No one remembers what started the war, the big one. It happened too fast, and there were too many lies, for the truth to be known. Civilization stopped, and what came next was fueled by rage and fear.

Find the series at http://www.topaz08.com


10 thoughts on “WeWriWa #8Sunday 10/23/16

  1. Best wishes on the new release! I’ll mention it in this coming week’s New Release post on my blog. Enjoyed the excerpt, which definitely gives the feeling of set up for something major about to happen. Excellent!

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